I will forever Agree Completely with this change

My name is Erik Ellenberger, And I have Agreed Completely for the Final time

I'm leaving because i'm like, Going away

Why am I always either on a Computer or Phone whenever I use the internet?
U.S. accepts more Syrian refugees than all of EU. Is that a good thing or a bad thing for Americans?

I dont really think a Bad thing is a Good thing at all

Without saying their name, what is a former user on this site that u dont miss?

Former users are not on this Website anymore, I Agree Completely

Watch these poor kids who just want to do some pranking get savagely beaten by these violent thugs

Pranks are kinda like Jokes that people laugh at............ Except for this Occasion

If I was you...what advice would you give me about tommorrow?

Tomorrow would be One day from Now

I think that means I finished sleeping...

Rock kinda sounds like music

@DandyDon A ninth spider..

Nine is a bigger number than Eight

Do you have a photograph of yourself in your bedroom?

I happen to sleep often in my Bedroom

Priority should be given to those who are in greater need of it. Amirite?

I guess I would like to do a Priority

The worst thing about the Common cold is that its so Common

I feel kinda Sick whenever I have a Cold