Annoying sells person:"excuse me miss/sir what do you use on your ____" you: "Oh, no thanks." sells person: "oh no thanks? hmm i've never heard of that one before! would you like..." you: "OMG JUST LEAVE ME THE FRICK ALONE!" amirite?
@twisted_memories sales person*

oh geez. thats embarrassing. haha thanks.

When someone at school tells you "wow, you look really comfy" what they really mean is "wow, it looks like you just rolled out of bed 5 minutes ago", amirite?

Or they mean "wow, you look really comfy"

Hot Topic is just an epic fail of a store, amirite?

I'm in love with their band shirts and jeanss <3

It's kinda depressing to see an obese wiener dog walking around. :( amirite?

its depressing that you used that :( at the end.

Real rock bands like Rise Against sound so much better than that stupid top 40 "music", amirite?
A guy who straightens his hair needs to straighten out his sexual orientation. amirite?

Nothing wrong with a guy straightening his hair. If you ask me, it's hott.

You can't think of one bad pixar movie, amirite?
You hate when you want a cookie or something and there's only one left, because you don't want to have to say it was you if someone asks, amirite?

Nah for me it's cause I don't want to clean out the container haha

It sucks when your teacher seats you by the smelly kid, and you have to turn your head away every five seconds just for a gulp of fresh air, amirite?
@AdonisBatheus Aw, naw, man. Most of the guys I know have wonderful smelling BO. A sweaty man is a real fucking turn-on. Don't...

hahah well how about when they yawn and blow all that horrible breath your way? does that turn you on as well?

Taylor Swift = shit, amirite?

Ahhhh yes!!! Especially live!!! She is freakin HORRIBLE.

The Kia Soul commercials with the random hamsters makes zero sense, amirite?

i enjoy them haha(:

Two guys checking out girls: Guy 1: "Dude, that girl is hot." Guy 2: "Yeah, but she has a kid." Guy 1: "Oh, nevermind then... Two girls checking out guys: Girl 1: "He is hot!!!" Girl 2: "You know, he has a baby." Girl 1: "Aww, how old is it? That's so sweet!", amirite?

i think i would have the same answer as the guy....

You wish it was still acceptable to wear footie pajamas, amirite?
@_Carter_ im 19 and own some XD

yeahhh!(: i'm wearing mine right now haha

Real rock bands like Rise Against sound so much better than that stupid top 40 "music", amirite?
@hpistheshit Eeeh. I'm judging bands by there names right now and all of the ones listed so far sound like they would all sound...

the only band listed here is Rise Against. The other ones are songs by Rise Against. Sooo.... Awkward.

If kisses were the water I would give you the sea, if hugs were the leaves I would give you a tree, but if love was time, I would give you eternity. amirite?

Aw that's so cute(: