I Don't Mind Players Faking Injuries in Pro Soccer, amirite?

You have to remember that outside of this World Cup, referees used to not give that much overtime and faking injuries was used to delay the game which was something that could actually affected the outcome. So i am glad they add overtime based on delay and even add overtime during to the overtime. But for football in general that is not the case.

I personally despise the faking, while at the same i tend to hold back a bit more with judging the players. Many people dont realize that the collision they see in slowmotion was actually two people colliding with their shins at 25km/h each and that it actually hurts.

The classic "drops on floor after being swiped by a hand" scenarios are ridiculous though and should be punish by a penalty firing squad.

I think corporations are the best places to work, amirite?

The __ and it's ___ have been a disaster for the human race….

You should be able to give the Christmas gift early if it would benefit the person getting the gift by getting it early, amirite?
Arrowhead water is the best, amirite?
78-82 degrees is the best temperature for your home, amirite?

Not old would it expensive to do that, 78 is already way too lot for the inside in a home let alone 82

A cultural food being made "authentically" doesn't make it better. amirite?

Can you give an example of authentic vs not?

People who play instruments deserve more hype, amirite?

I was a band kid, made region and area band every year I did it. Music should be for you, not for anyone else.

What good does "hype" do? Learn to do things because they make you happy, not because they make you popular or celebrated.

GILF is gender neutral. amirite?
As a first, executives' salaries should be cut instead of firing people, amirite?

Great executives are hard to replace. Run of the mill employee are easy.

There are tens of thousands people applying ready to be called on moment notice, if they need those position filled again. Hiring great execs are harder as they have a lot of choices.

The cheese goes underneath the patty, amirite?

Put the cheese in the burger

As a first, executives' salaries should be cut instead of firing people, amirite?
@88080808088 U popular opinion: Rich people having money allows them to supply jobs.

I don't think this argument holds up against the premise of people being fired instead of cutting the wealth of a richer person, firing 11k people is the opposite of supplying jobs

tartness is the best indicator of a good fruit, amirite?
Search engines are useless now, amirite?

There was just a Freakonomics episode about this.

Penny Arcade is literally the worst webcomic of all time. amirite?

You remember Henry? Now that was bad.

Hybrid birthday parties for kids/little ones are a nice gesture in theory but not good in practice. amirite?

i don't know i mean i read that first line about a "virtual online birthday party" and my immediate reaction was "no that sounds awful why would anyone set that up or attend that?"