Penny Arcade is literally the worst webcomic of all time. amirite?

You remember Henry? Now that was bad.

I've never understood the appeal of strip clubs, amirite?
Overdraft fees are completely fair. amirite?

When I worked at a bank I was told to apply for overdraft for every account as it increased our potential SRD's. I didn't do that out of principle, that and coupled with other ethical reasons is why I will never work for a bank again. I got into finance to help people not make them poor.

Gas station pumps that play loud commercials are dangerous and annoying, amirite?

2nd button down on the right side turns the sound off.

Maple syrup tastes horrible. amirite?
Watered down juice is tastier than full opacity juice, amirite?
I love Chevy Chase in community, amirite?

His character is funny, but I think the issue with him was that he was a nightmare on set and hard to get along with

We prize music and singers way too much in our society, amirite?

I would say actors more. Music really gives us something deep.

College football is corrupt and vile. It should be abolished. amirite?
@opensofias I kinda just don't get it. Why do people take it so seriously? It's like being obsessed with minor league...

Because these guys are the future of the NFL. If you care about the sport, you'll care about prospects that might change the game. Also cheering for you home state, alma mater etc.

Masturbation IS cheating, amirite?

You must be one nightmare of a partner for someone lol

Cigarettes should be banned outright. No exceptions. amirite?
@Some-Noname-idk You should read about prohibition lol

Also, it's a plant that grows wild all over. Good luck making wild plants illegal.

I'm glad cursive writing is dying out. amirite?
@Achilles982 I still write cursive every time I have to write something

People are equally shocked that I know how to count back change and write in cursive

The riddler has to be the easiest villain in the history of superhero media to beat. You can just google the answers to his riddles, amirite?

Yeah but there is usually some kind of meta-riddle where you have to figure out how all the little riddles connect to see the big picture.

Language should not separate us from the animal kingdom. amirite?

Not just the animal kingdom but nature as well. We act like we are above nature, separate from it, nature is just a thing in our way slowing us down. But we are part of the greater whole, we should act as one with the world around us not destroy.

Greeting cards are a waste of paper and should be eliminated. amirite?
@Alixkast They're only a $1 chill. If you spend more than that then you are truly dumb.

'They're only..' from the peasantry is like music to the ears of the capitalist and authoritarian. Don't fall for it, man.