Obama is being pretty selfish. You've already been the president, give someone else a turn, amirite?

you're joking right? it dont work that way buddy

With some animals, you gotta wonder what the evolutionary purpose is of their features, amirite?

what is that thing??

Before getting into a political debate, you should make sure your political beliefs are your own, not your parents', amirite?
@Lkun The non-conformist, "I'm rebelling against everything societeeee says" types are equally stupid and annoying.

Yes they are equally annoying as the conformist types who absorb everything they're parents say without question

Unless you accidentally open a Stephen King book

You love dancing in the rain, amirite?

I like dancing in the rain and...
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The only practical application for cursive is writing your signature, amirite?

Cursive is actually the way you're supposed to write in everyday life, that's what it was invented for. The print writing most of us use now was considered too slow by people who invented cursive because it requires you to lift your pencil after every letter. Print was only used for actual printed work. But now most people actually find cursive slow simply because we haven't practiced much in it. But in many parts of the world cursive is still used as everyday writing.

It doesn't surprise you that most people who reject evolution don't even have a basic understanding of it, amirite?

Don't forget about talking snakes and the idea that made was made from dirt (Genesis 2:7)! Seriously? I'd rather believe man evolved from another living thing like an ape than that it was just magically made from dirt!

When compared with the technology of the time, the first iPhone from 2007 was far more innovative than the iPhone 5, amirite?
@B10ckH34d Exactly. They're just upgrades. At least the Galaxy has changed in more than software and processor speed, and has...

I respect your opinion, but Apple's technology runs a lot deeper than just how things look at first glance. They haven't done much inventing, but they really have a knack for refining technology and making it really easy to use and user friendly. They also have a knack for being trendsetters and making things stylish. You have to admit that Apple has a way of enticing the masses. Remember, the iPhone was the first popular smartphone and still is. No matter how you feel about Apple you can't deny they have some sort of magic on their side.

When compared with the technology of the time, the first iPhone from 2007 was far more innovative than the iPhone 5, amirite?
@B10ckH34d That tends to happen when you don't change much in five years. Things catch up.

That's only because the foundational technology was established in the first generation. Each new one are just several incremental changes.

You're curious about the different ways that people discovered this website, amirite?

I actually discovered amirite through google. I was trying to find info on something (i forget what) and a post on amirite related to the subject showed up, and the rest is history :)

Sometimes people's profile pictures just really piss you off, amirite?

Yes, when it is any of the following:
1) Mirror pics for any gender
2) One or more guys trying to show off their muscles or shirtless defaults
3) A guy trying way too hard to look cool (peace sign, sunglasses, bling, etc)
4) Girls making the duck face
5) A girl who is obviously trying to draw attention to her large breasts like the slut she is
6) Any kind of peace/hand sign on guys or girls
7) A girl with a ton of make-up on who obviously knew she was gonna make this her default
8) Any kind of weird face
9) An advertisement for a club, fraternity, or sorority
I could go on and on to be honest

The drinking age in the U.S. should be lowered, amirite?

No. Teens and college kids drink enough as it is. Imagine how crazy they'd go if they were allowed to publicly drink at 18 or younger. They would ruin bars and clubs and there would be far more cases of DUIs and other incidents from alcohol including deaths. The fact of the matter is people younger than 21 often do not have the proper judgment and mental or physical capacity to properly handle alcohol especially in a public setting.

To help people get a better understanding of different cultures, the "foreign exchange student" program should be mandatory for all students around the world. Instead of visiting (like a tourist), the person would have to take on the responsibilities of the person they replaced so they can get a better feel of what people in other countries go through in their everyday life, amirite?

It would sound like a good idea, but mandatory? I think not.

It's wrong to assume that all big, buff, muscular guys are douchebags or jerks, amirite?

Not necessarily. I think it would be right to assume that a strange man quickly approaching me with a knife was about to attack me so I could run, dontchathink? ;)

The sooner we realize that the Universe doesn't care about us, that we are all equally unimportant, and that none of us are privileged in the eyes of any god, the closer we will come to respecting each and every human being, amirite?
@Jay_Wintermoot Why respect anyone in a possible world where everyone is equally unimportant? That would impute importance to...

By respect, I mean respect for human life and the feelings and needs of others. Respect can have different meanings, and I think we have a misunderstanding here. You may mean a respect for authority or people deemed in a superior position by society. This is a different kind of respect in which we humans grant others certain privileges or higher esteem because of certain things they've done. For example, I have more respect for Albert Einstein than Adolf Hitler. This kind of respect is both good and bad. On one hand we have to accept that there are some people who are wiser, more intelligent or more experienced than us, but at the same time many people have abused their authority or higher positions to disrespect or abuse others. This is where the philosophy of "we are all the same in the eyes of the universe" comes in.