There will never be another band as great as The Beatles, amirite?

So great that my friend's siblings (including herself) are all named after The Beatles themselves or their songs. The oldest is Paul, then Julia, Lucy, John, George, Michelle (my friend), Richard, Daniel, Georgia & Martha. (:

Cool, right? Ughh. I'm jealous.


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It's probably a good thing that our toys and pets can't talk. They could be tattletales, amirite?

what do you mean by 'toys' xD

I think we've all imitated someone in a voice they don't even have, amirite?

No, none of us has ever done that. Only you. We're not smart, nor talented enough to perform such daring and fantastic feats. Please post more of your adventures on the internet.

You hate it when your, dog/cat/whatever pet, farts in your face, amirite?

it's like a breath of fresh air

You sing the "Mail Song" from Blue's Clues when the mail comes in, amirite?

Ani-mail! Ani-mail! Hot diggity dog it's Animail. Arf!

The best part of soda is the foam at the top, amirite?

My favorite part is the weight gain. :)

It would be kind of cool to have a drink as your username, so when the Amirite guy says, "The best part of waking up is (insert username) in your cup," it would make sense, amirite?

I feel mine also fits. wary smilie

NEW MOON was wayyy better than Twilight, amirite?

They both sucked.

It's strange how girls have to cover their chest in the pool and boys dont, amirite?

Because you're a dumbass.

Watching television is for ignorant, fat Americans, amirite?

Oh man, ignorant, fat AND American? How insulting.

You feel like your calculator is secretly judging you when you type in a super obvious question, amirite?

Asian mom calculators probably do. 2+8 "DIS IS WHY U NO GET A!"

volleyball is the sickest sport ever!!!! amirite?
@InhumaneToaster define sick

you've never been sick before? Microscopic virus? Tissues? Coughing?