Every time you watch porn you fear in the back of your mind that it's somehow connected to your Twitter or Facebook, and that it's gonna make a post about how much you love hot horny lesbians. Amirite?

If that would ever happen to me, i would just start liking other porn videos as well, then later claim that i was "hacked" by a friend and be like "haha very funny (insert name here), im gonna get you back, just watch!"

it should work flawlessly.

"No flying cars yet?" Dude you just wrote that from a 2 inch by 4 inch pocket computer instantaneously to subscribers worldwide using only your right thumb, amirite?

Im not a big fan of flying cars, people seem to forget that people drive cars while intoxicated, can you imagine what it would be like if flying cars were made available to everyone?, thered be a lot of small buildings getting crashed into. Anyways, fuck flying cars.

whats worse than being too shy to talk to girls?, being good looking and still shy to talk to them, amirite?
@Babytard No, cause you get better chances that THEY are going to talk to you

not for me, because they think im already taken.

i hate to be like this but it seriously sucks, i know there is guys out there who wish they were better looking to meet girls, but looks arent everything. Its just sucks to be super shy.

I just heard that someone published a book about having sex with herbs. It's about fucking thyme, amirite?

Shit girl, you funny.

Once you hate someone, everything they do is offensive. "Look at this bitch, eating those fucking crackers like she owns the place!", amirite?

lol, i was just reading through all the boring amirites when my eyes came across yours and i actually laughed out loud

For Thanksgiving, the Patriots should play the Redskins then take their stadium. amirite?

I love peoples humor on here, no matter how obscure.

Good way to avoid peer pressure: "Hey, take some of this." "God, it's so sunny today!" "Ya, but I was saying" "You know, it's been raining a lot lately, I hope it stays like this for a while." "Me too, but I" "And then the Lakers play tonight, I'm so excited!" Eventually the pressurer would just get bored and leave you alone, amirite?

this is true. But thaat didnt sound like pressure, it sounded more like an offer and the stoner took the hint.

also, lakers lost, T_T.

whats worse than being too shy to talk to girls?, being good looking and still shy to talk to them, amirite?
@twisted_memories It'll all work out eventually. Just be yourself, that's all that matters.

The sad part is, every girl i fell in love with never even knew. And now they're all gone. One of them got shot in the head, the other one moved, another rejected me, and the current crush doesnt even know i like her and has no interest in me. Its sad really. FML


Around Christmas time it is fun to go up to any "For Lease" signs & write "Navidad" under it. amirite?

I'm mexican american and I approve of this post

Boomerangs are Australia's largest exports and imports, amirite?

Lol, i love it.

its about time we get a witty post of the day again.

Jigglypuff is the most useless character in Super Smash Bros, amirite?

Kirby FTW !!

Christians: Sometimes you feel sorry for people who don't believe in God. You don't get mad at them or hate them but you feel really sad that they think God doesn't care about them and you wish they could change their mind, amirite?

LOL, i laugh at people who feel bad for me. Like if they think they are above me or some shit.

lol, nice follow up

Stressed out people just need to masturbate more, amirite?
When you first found out about sex, you didn't think it was that sexy, amirite?

Dude, you're a fag. You wouldnt know.