In a movie, it's really sweet when a couple run desperately toward each other and meet with a passionate kiss, but if you to happen see that on the streets, it would just be plain awkward and inappropriate, amirite?

I thought it was really sweet in the Time Traveler's Wife. Spoiler Warning He didn't know how much time he had left and his wife hadn't seen him in 5 years, so, yeah she better run!

In a few years, when our generation moves out, there will be an abundance of houses with underground tunnels in them, amirite?
@Sqwancho Why?

When some people are Kids/Preteens/Teens they at one point say: When I grow up, me and (_insert friend's name here_) are going to live next door to each other and we're gonna have basements that connect.

So when the generation of 20 somethings get their own houses, their houses will have the connecting basements if they actually go through with their idea.

If you want something you've never had, you've got to do something you've never done, amirite?
@Except for most foods.

Well, if your ordering it, you've gotta do something you've never done (order that specific item)
If you want it homemade, you still gotta do something you've never done(go down the aisle for that item)

Suzanne Collins could have at least named Peeta and Katniss's children in MockingJay, amirite? (Nothing against the series.) amirite?

There would be too many people they could name them after- if she did, we'd be saying they should have named them after other people because they were more helpful

it would be cool to for people to comment with just one word to form a story on the comments, amirite?
And the lord said, "Johnny, come forth and receive eternal light." But Johnny came fifth, and won a toaster. amirite?

You shouldn't have gotten them in the first place. It was a repost. You could've taken ten seconds to make sure it wasn't.

I'll come to your funeral if you come to mine, amirite?
@Your blonde aren't you?

Haha No. But I might have a blond recessive gene somewhere.Why?

You've once or more wandered if you were the only one who had actual thoughts and every thing else is just a prop. amirite?

After watching The Truman Show I usually think this way for a couple of weeks.

Guys are more attracted to girls who haven't had sex. amirite?
you wish you could have a sleepover with your friends of the opposite gender without it being a big deal, amirite?

I did when I was like 7 to 12. He is/was like my brother and since we were so young so our parents weren't really that worried.

Whenever you got smarties when you were little, you would try to dissolve a tablet in a cup of water. amirite?
@Supper4dinner I'd just eat them...

I would too, but I'd get bored and drop 1 in, this post is for people who've done that

You wish calculators' number buttons were reversed so they could be just like a phones'. Amirite?

Technically you said " a phones' " so you don't need the "a"

Harry Potter: love it or hate it, they're pretty much the only movies that depicted time-travel without any plot holes, amirite?

What was the plot hole in Time Traveler's Wife?

Everyone knows the first child is taken for granted, the second child is ignored, and the third child is babied beyond belief. amirite?

Well, I'm the fifth, what does that make me?

Girls always say that they want a nice guy that will care about them, but go out with jerks and complain about it and never actually date the nice guy, amirite?
@nicely said.

(asdfl;kjf): thank you :)