Honestly the best way to get rid of a bully who beats you up isn't telling on them, using "I" messages or getting people to back you up. It's doing something weird as shit so they never mess with you again. Ex: "Hey you got my lunch money?" Starts fidgeting and takes off clothes...."Never mind, I have to go now.", amirite?
casey anthony putting in to adopt a baby convinces you that she's innocent if you didn't already, amirite?

**Anthony you've gotta capitalize the "a" :)

Guys: You get angry when you here girls bitch about shaving their legs even though to be accepted we have to shave so much more of our bodies than them. amirite?

just to get this straight, where else do guys have to shave besides their face?

The five stages of making a sandwich- Denial: "We can't be out of cheese, we bought some yesterday!" Anger: "OH MY GOD, WHO ATE THE CHEESE!" Bargaining: "Dear God, if you give me cheese, I'll tell everyone this story, and they'll HAVE to believe in you!" Depression: "No cheese. No God." Acceptance: "Oh well. MUM, can you buy some more cheese?", amirite?
A cop was arrested for having sex with a hooker instead of arresting her. His response to his arrest was probably "doesn't matter, had sex", amirite?

but, she puts a bag on my head

You've fantasized about saving someone else's life at least once, amirite?

I save people from boiling pots of lava all the time

All the crime shows have that one "by the book" cop/agent and the other has a "gut" or unorthodox way of doing things, and some characters with sexual tension so bad it hurts, amirite?


1. McGee
2. Gibbs
3. DiNozzo and David

Why is Ruby such a bitch to Max? amirite?
@what show is this?

Max and Ruby it's a toddler show about two bunny siblings

Average bands become awesome bands when they get a really good bassist. amirite?

:) this made me happy (My favorite manga deals with bands)

Did anyone else read this for the first time and thought the OP was talking about rubberbands?

There's kind of an evolution of magazines girls read. You start off by reading Disney magazine and Tiger Beat, then you graduate to ones like Seventeen and Teen Vogue, then eventually you're reading Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, etc. Then before you know it you're reading Ladies Home Journal and Good Housekeeping, amirite?

I got Highlights, then American Girl, for now I'm reading books not magazines

People are like flowers: Some are beautiful,some are less pretty,they are all different colors, some have their own special job, some blend in with a whole crowd, some are displayed front and center, some are hiding in the corner. But they're all still flowers, amirite?
@hithereimbob they're weeds that flower..

(flower=/= verb) yes they bloom, but no one plants them

If someone is born either way earlier or way later than their siblings, they were probably not exactly planned... amirite?

I'm 15, 11, 10 year years younger than my siblings, but then again none of us were planned

You use sKissors to cut things, not scissors, amirite?

can this be? Is this a Fanboy and Gothgirl reference? :o

Bassically, every anime has better voice actors for japan, while the English versions suck. amirite?

Nana has freakin' Barbie voicing one of the characters in the dub

Oh no! I just finished the series and only now does that come to mind... ugh it's gonna be so annoying. Just when I thought that screaming fangirls couldn't get more annoying- they're gonna start attacking a series I love.