It's dumb that my manager at work always ignores the negative comments in the suggestion box. Listening to them is how he can help improve the workplace, amirite?

I'm really sorry for all of you. My friend from my old job was telling me about the store he still works at. A store that I really used to love. It really seemed that management, employees and customers, frequent or not, got along. When they didn't even that was met with a little humor. It was really heart hurting to hear that the recipe changed and it ruined to whole cake.

On an unrelated note, I don't go on this website much because I found tumblr a couple of months ago. Its a pretty liberal site(??like this one??) and there is large avengers/Sherlock/ super natural/ doctor who/homestuck/ fandoms if anyone wants to visit me.

Every Sunday, I stop by my favorite cafe and eat lunch there, then bring a sandwich and juice to the homeless guy outside. Today, some lady coming out of the cafe gave me the dirtiest look as I was handing him his food. What the fuck is her problem, amirite?
Disney's E.P.C.O.T: Every Person Comes Out Tired, amirite?

Is that the one where they try making you learn stuff?

Amelia Pond sounds like a name in a fairytale, amirite?
You use sKissors to cut things, not scissors, amirite?

can this be? Is this a Fanboy and Gothgirl reference? :o

Guys are more attracted to girls who haven't had sex. amirite?
You have at some point kind of wondered if there was a certain age you turn where you find out some huge secret about life/the world that everyone that age and above has to keep a secret from youth, amirite?
Ron Weasley should be crowned king of the gingers, amirite?

"Weasley is our king..."

He's king of Seeking

A great joke to pull on someone is to say "Hey, I have a great knock knock joke, but you have to start." They'll respond "Okay, knock knock." Then you can say "Who's there?" and wait for their dumbfounded expression and the hilarious awkward silence to ensue, amirite?

Whenever I hear that I think of Looking for Alaska. Such an amazing book.

It's annoying when people wear converse with dresses. It's like they are trying to make a statement that has already been made. amirite?

Did anyone else think of La La Land by Demi Lovato

Knock Knock jokes are the best, amirite?

Knock knock
Who's there?
Cargo who?
Car go beep beep

When you were learning to write sentences in kindergarten or first grade, your teachers taught you to leave a 'pinky space' between each word, amirite?

I was told it was a thumb

Honestly the best way to get rid of a bully who beats you up isn't telling on them, using "I" messages or getting people to back you up. It's doing something weird as shit so they never mess with you again. Ex: "Hey you got my lunch money?" Starts fidgeting and takes off clothes...."Never mind, I have to go now.", amirite?
A relationship with your significant other's sibling(s) can be just as important as your relationship with your significant other, amirite?

I'd say the relationship is important, but not AS important. If your significant other was held by one masked murderer by gun point and a sibling of theirs in another, if it comes to love/stronger feeling/relationship, you'd better pick your significant other.

There are just certain realities you don't want to face. Such as your grandparents probably still 'do it'. amirite?

2. The mom's and the dad. But the 'them' was referring to grandparents.