You know the economy is bad when Top Ramen reports a 22% increase in profits, amirite?
You've never cried while reading a book. amirite?

Tuesdays with Morrie. I didn't have a chance from the beginning.

The main problem is, do we preach tolerance, or do we recognize that some people have the right to their opinion of intolerance? They have the right to think what they want, and say it too, but that doesn't mean we can't try to spread out points of view, too. Forcing someone to tolerate a group isn't very tolerant itself. Quite the conundrum.


Not necessarily. I think that they are regarded as unacceptable in most professional leagues and organization, and maybe do go against sport, but if there were an organization that openly allowed it, I wouldn't have a problem with it. Steroids alone aren't enough for physical prowess, it still takes work. And they don't provide the more technical skill that some sports require, as well as the mental capacity required for some.

I don't know if ethically is the correct word... If people want to juice themselves, that's fine by me, but it can't count in a competition like the Olympics. If there were one that did recognize juiced athletes, then there would be no ethical problem with that. Probably other problems, like biologically, but that's a different story.

If age is just a number and marijuana's just a plant then jail's just a room, amirite?
Wet bras suck. Amirite?

Depends what gender you are...

You never really wondered how the internet exists especially without some central source and how we can just generate something that will last forever available to the whole world. You would think there is some giant internet thing like in that South Park episode, and now you're thinking, how the hell does the internet work, wtf are we connected to, amirite?

It's a series of tubes, man.

There are some stupid girls out there who only use MySpace and Facebook to stalk their exes and people they hate, and to post things to brag just so their exes and the people they hate will see them. Amirite?

There are some stupid girls out there who use MySpace.

Cross Country Runners: You're to XC for your shirt. amirite?

Our motto was "Our drinking team has a running problem"

You hate when you can't tell if a piece of orange is two slices stuck together or just one big slice, amirite?
The reason MM/DD/YY is superior to DD/MM/YY is that we can't celebrate pi day with the latter, amirite?

i was about to say the 31st of April. But then I remembered...

Lifeguards: The longest minute of your life is the one right before public swim is over, amirite?

Its when kids decide to see how long they can hold their breath on the bottom of the pool.

You’ve wondered if people see and taste things different – like, if every person’s tastebuds taste chocolate differently, or when we learn in primary school “this colour is called blue” if we’re all seeing the same colour, or if my blue is different to your blue, amirite?
Its weird forgetting what people's voices sound like after they die, amirite?