Let's create a sport men and women are equally good at so they can compete together.

Men and women are different, therefore creating a sport where they are equally good is practically impossible.

You didn't know that today is my birthday, amirite?

This is the kind of post that gets homepaged?

Australian football is a fantastic game, and deserves more of an international presence, amirite?

What's the difference between rugby and Australian football?

I don't need a play-by-play of your life on my Facebook News Feed. Seriously, stop posting status updates of what you're doing every half hour. I don't care!!

There's this magical little button called unfriend that makes their status updates vanish!

Seriously if you don't like it, either unfriend them ir unsuscribe from their posts. Complaining gets you nowhere

Funny fact about stuff defined as infinite: it could come to an end at any moment, amirite?

Numbers are infinite. They cant just come to an end

When you were little, you didn't know Tinky-Winky was supposed to represent homosexuality. amirite?
Stars really shouldn't complain about their lives. They act like it's so hard and the press is on them all the time but they should try working a real job, earning a real paycheck that corresponds with their work and living with normal standards, amirite?

Maybe his dad's "pharmaceutical" companies are actually meth labs so that's why he won't tell us. O:

@Runy It would appear I'm a very lucky person.

Yeah I always wake up after the good stuff too.

The only people who should call you bro are your close friends and your actual brother, not some random dude wanting to fight, amirite?

I don't know. "Come at me, sibling" doesn't have the same ring to it.

Wouldn't it be the greatest stress reliever to just get a bunch of expensive china... and just THROW IT AT A WALL? AMIRITE?

I don't think throwing pieces of a country at a wall will help

Whenever someone offers you a mint/gum, take it. They might be trying to tell you something, amirite?

What if they are actually prank mints? Like the ones that are made of hot peppers instead of mint?

the end of Fight Club took your mind virginity, amirite?

You are just so smart

Everyone uses the excuse "I burnt myself with my curling iron" when they get a hickey... but then you ACTUALLY burn yourself with a curling iron and use the same line, and no one believes you. amirite?

I thought people said they were hit with a paintball on their necks.

Surprise sex is the best thing to wake up to in the morning. Except when you're in prison, amirite?

Wow, this is so original and creative. How did you come up with this?

Guys: If you had testicular cancer and the fastest cure was a painful kick in the balls, you would probably pick chemo therapy, amirite?
@LamWin Getting kicked in the balls isn't as bad as TV portrays it. It can hurt quite a bit and you get angry at the...

If you get kicked really hard, the pain can last for hours, and it will hurt when you pee for a couple of days. Still, it would be nothing compared to chemo.