The fact that Miley is finding it hard between going to college and being in a movie in the last episode of Hannah Montana is sending a bad message to kids. amirite?

You watch hannah montana?

<-- (look to your left) that is your weapon in the zombie apocalypse, amirite?

Sitting at my desk and... A 50 pound bust of Julius Caesar... Bring It.

How did we go from "I am going to" to "imma", amirite?
The women who complain about how things like a man opening the door for a woman or a man paying for the movie on a date being sexist are usually more annoying than those who ARE sexist, amirite?

I know! all those things like paying for dinner or a movie, opening doors etc are not sexist, it is called being a gentleman.

What happened to the days of beating someone up if they called you a name, instead of suing them or going home and killing yourself? People need to loosen up, amirite?

People are insane with lawsuits these days.

Spanking your child should not be considered abuse. amirite?

If spanking is not used in excess or too force full and the child is clear on what they are being punished for then it is not abuse.

All court sessions should end with dancing lobsters, amirite?

They need to start making those again!!! XD

Give me the beat boys, and free my soul, amirite?

And when my mind is free melody can move me

Saying "You're welcome" to someone for not thanking you, is way ruder than not thanking someone. amirite?

Especially when they don't even give youa chance to say 'thank you'.

When will people realize that being fat isn't bad and that you're just accepting the indoctrination given to you by the media that being slightly overweight or having fat at all is "bad". I mean, really, you're conforming to bullshit. amirite?

A little fat is ok, it is healthy. But there is a line where good becomes disgusting and harmful to your health.

Something's wrong when all you hear from a politician running for office is why you shouldn't vote for their rival, instead of their plans and opinions. No wonder more people just don't care to vote, all they hear is trash talking from both sides. amirite?

So true. It really shows their true character.

It's sad that a talented young man had to take his life for people to realize the importance of gay rights and how destructive bullying can be, amirite?

I hate to break it to you, but people have realized bullying can push people to drastic actions long before this poor man passed away. And in my opinion, this makes the people who committed this act of hate even more guilty.

May he rest in peace and hopefully find happiness wherever he may be.

If you're a ball flying through the air and he takes you in his arms, then he might be a keeper. Amirite?

It took me a sec to get it lol. :)

It's a little nerve wracking to swim in a pond or lake, especially if you can't see the bottom. What if there's a megaladon? Or just a real big cat fish? amirite?

Easy now fuzzy little man-peach. :)

Girls don't mind being raped as long as the guy has an accent, amirite?