@clayslayer If I knew the codes I could pic out every winning scratch off... however picking a random selection of balls blown...

You're thinking of one very specific lottery. There are people who have, in fact, one it using math. The assertion that you can't is proven untrue as soon as you look at real life examples of exactly that happening.

@clayslayer Something as random as picking 75 balls with numbers on them being constantly scrambled up is beyond the functions...

Actually there exists a mathematician who has won the lottery I believe 4 times by figuring out the algorithm to find the winning ticket.

I'm back, baby.
I'm back, baby.
@VicZinc Where would I go, Colebowl?

I dunno, I just see so many new people.

Would you rather find true love or 10 million dollars?
Would you rather find true love or 10 million dollars?

What the heck? That's odd. Oops.

Would you rather find true love or 10 million dollars?

I'll take the 10 million. I am happy with my love now. Chances are, if we each have one true love, then mine would be someone else.

I'm back, baby.
@VicZinc Missed you!

I had a feeling you'd be here :)

Evolution Vs. Creationism. What's your opinion on this?

That people are really uneducated when they make it one versus the other. Evolution has nothing to do with how the earth was created. They deal with completely different concepts.

Ordinary is boring. People should embrace their uniqueness more and stop worrying about what others think of them, amirite?
Just as atheism is leading to the demise of creationism, feminism is the next to go with egalitarianism/humanism.
@justaguy The very definition of feminism, at least in the scholarly sense, believes that men are oppressive, promotes awful...

Do you not know how to use Google or a dictionary or did you just assume they would say exactly the right thing to back up your point? That's not the definition.

The UK needs to focus on more important things than grade boosting poor people.
Poor people can be clever and rich people can be dumb get over it, amirite?
@This is what happens when you don't treat the root of the cause but the symptoms.

I see you shiver with antici...
isn't really to blame.
So I'll remove the cause...
But not...!
The symptooom.

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Dat's me^

Americans need to learn the metric system like the rest of the world. Amirite?
@JohnJillky Hence why I said "some"

There's hardly enough people who haven't learned it for me to be comfortable with just the word "some." There's so few, like saying some Americans are 10x richer than average. Maybe it's only me but the word some has a different connotation than a word like few.