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im laughing so hard at 14 year old me ok i added a picture of what i look like now (since when can u upload pictures??) okay peace out - claire age 16

"George Weasley found the mirror of Erised on a visit to Hogwarts and dismissed it as just an ordinary mirror. He didn't notice that his 'reflection' still had both ears intact."

UPDATE AS OF MARCH 31ST, 2013: I'm not gonna change anything below because it's cool to see how much I've changed in a year and it'll be even cooler to read this stuff when I'm 20 or something. Also screw the new format. Just look at my Tumblr and you can see how my life is right now and message me on there for my skype or facebook

UPDATE I WROTE IN OCTOBER 2012 I THINK: Well I don't really come on here that much anymore. I think the awesomeness of Amirite was starting to die down and ever since Oliver it's been extra sucky. Plus school is stupid (lawl jk I love school, but it's super hard and time consuming right now). Thanks for everything, everyone. CLAIRE LOVES YOU ALL. I'm keeping my Tumblr pretty active so contact me there to tell me how much you miss me.

Welcome to Fred_Weasley's About Me, version 2.0!

Name: Claire
Age: 14 (freshman sophomore in high school)
I'm really young for my grade. I shall be 15 as of November 22, 2012 in case I don't come back to update it.

l smilie: Matthew Gray Gubler (Reid on Criminal Minds) is my future husband.
love smilie: Criminal Minds is the best show ever. But I love Pysch, SNL, Tosh.0, Family Guy, Bones, and Dance Moms too.
goo smilie: I love music. Mainly rock, any kind, from indie to screamo. I love Rise Against, Falling in Reverse, Mumford and Sons, The Airborne Toxic Event, and We the Kings. And a lot of other stuff.
d smilie: I'm really moody. Sometimes I just hate everyone.
angry smilie: Love and freedom for all, even if you're gay. I get pissed when people think otherwise.
creeper smilie: I've never played Minecraft.
diamond smilie: This looks like an egg. I'd eat more eggs, but I have naturally high cholesterol. And hypothyroidism. And anemia.
hehe smilie: I love Daniel Tosh, Jon Stewart, Demetri Martin, Andy Samberg, Tina Fey, Kristen Wiig, John Mulaney, and Conan O'Brien.
hmm smilie: I'm not sure of my political views yet, but I have 4 more years until I can vote. So I probably won't be getting into any lively debates about that stuff. So far: pro-choice, pro-gay marriage.
lhat smilie: I hate Christmas songs.
swt smilie: I play basketball, tennis, and I'm trying to start lacrosse. IF YOU KNOW STUFF ABOUT LACROSSE MESSAGE ME I HAVE QUESTIONS.
smirk smilie: I'm fairly smart. Or I go to a really dumb school.
un smilie: I can't hold a pencil properly.
wink smilie: Winking makes everything sexual.
yum smilie: I love vegan food even though I'm not vegan. And Nutella is amazing.
puke smilie: Bacon is gross.
lolwut smilie: I also eat raw pasta.
cool smilie: I'm half Mexican y hablo Español. But I look white.
(cry2): I'm really shy in real life. Not so much on the Internet.
dhat smilie: I say I'm Jewish, but I've been starting to think I'm agnostic.
frown smilie: I can't sing or dance. At all.
hello smilie: I don't know what to put for this...
ono smilie: I regret everything I did when I was 12.
troll smilie: I've never trolled, and I can usual tell when someone is.
wary smilie: I'm afraid of down escalators and death.
n smilie: I hate when people don't have About Me's.
gst smilie: My grandma is a ghost. Ask me to tell you about it.
emo smilie: I've had some tough times in my life, but I'm pretty mentally stable now.
jolly smilie: I'm pretty energetic.

smile smilie: There's some pretty cool people on here.
-Maggie (goodtime) is so amazing. She's not only my best friend on here, she's one of my best friends on the planet. We've told each other so much shit that no one else knows and I love her so much. Someday we're gonna meet, I just know it.
-Allie (emilyprentiss0310) is more obsessed with Criminal Minds than anyone I know. I love her so much.
-Lucyjoan is an awesome crocheter and I wish I was as good as her.
-Pokerface111 is really cool and we have the strangest conversations. She likes Matthew Gray Gubler and Criminal Minds and has an awesome taste in music.
-Theycallmereema likes Criminal Minds so she's automatically cool.

*To be continued

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