You should absolutely never remove a post without giving a reason, amirite?

Opinion websites should allow opinions

You appreciate that <script>if ( currentUserUsername ) { document.write(currentUserUsername+" is an active user");}
else { document.write("there are many active users"); }</script> on this site, amirite?

Since all posts, comments and suggestions get deleted, I came here to say it to your face. You need to look at what you're doing to this site, it is being driven into the ground. No one wants to come to an opinion site when they can't speak their opinion. You are being a dictator. Go ahead and delete this, ban me, whatever. In a few weeks when no one is on this site anymore, you'll see why no one censors and controls everything successfully. You are the WORST person for this site, you and single handedly destroying it. What you are doing is counter productive to making a successful site. You are losing people and it's like you don't even care.

It would be funny if someone calls "shotgun", and you were to just yell "Rosa Parks", get in the front seat, and refuse to move. amirite?
@dancing_phalanges Can someone please explain?

Rosa Parks was a hindoo who went around sitting on benches and chairs in restraunts and she always refused to move, so one day someone shot her with a shotgun. It was horrible frown smilie


Got shot. Thug life was too much for him.

White people evolved lighter skin when the moved to Europe from Africa, meaning that white people are more evolved than black people, which means, it's not racist to say that we're smarter. amirite?

A black man invented peanut-butter. Discussion over.

This is not a drill; it's a sledgehammer, amirite?

I'm sorry, could you repeat that for me?

You sometimes peak at your bf/gf when your kissing them, amirite?
It's HORRIBLE if you think you have strep then the doctor has to shove the cotton swab down your throat, amirite?
People who ask random people for smokes are pretty stupid. You never know what that person might give you, amirite?

Yeah, I learned my lesson that time when I asked someone for a smoke and they gave me a weasel and I tried to smoke it and it turned out it was a weasel with weasel disease and so now I'm a weasel.


When I was in 5th grade, I noticed the guy who sat next to me was cheating off anything that was graded, including tests. One math test not too long following my realization, I put all the wrong answers down where he could see while secretly keeping my own correct answers. As soon as he turned his in, I changed all my answers. I got my test back, a 98. His, a 32. He was dumbstruck. Never again did he cheat off of me.

There's some place on your body where if someone grabs you there roughly, then you immediately get pissed off, amirite?

Actionman's balls

You love it when your boyfriend pushes your hair out of your face, except he always leaves a few pieces behind, amirite?

Amirite comments have came a long way.

If you were the president, you know one thing you would change straight away. Amirite?

Upon trying to change this one thing, and other things, you would learn;
-how you can't actually change that thing due to the limitations of your power
-how certain countries hate you because of what a predecessor did during a decade that happened before you were even born
-how much political ass you need to kiss despite your country being bigger
-how bitchy a room full of elected, self-important, man-children can be
-how 50% of the country can violently hate you for having different views
-how people can hate you even if you had done something miraculous like saving n orphan from a bus, in fact some will hate you for even saving the orphan at all
-and how awkward it is to have 9 dudes in black suits watch you pee.

Do they give iPhones to people on welfare? Because it seems like every person who's on welfare has one, amirite?