Our government and media has a nasty habit of only letting us hear and know about things that suit their intents and purposes.

You wish there was way to separate the opinion posts and the brainteaser posts on the just-in page. Maybe a filter, or columns?

It is extremely annoying and kind of thoughtless. There is no way the poster has all that stuff memorized, so they are just typing out of a book. They post as anonymous and I did not see any credit given to the source of the teasers. By them bombing the hell out of the front page, it pushes all of our posts way back so people have to look deeper to find them. And that discourages comments and their chances of agreeing or disagreeing.

Our Court system shows complete hypocrisy when it comes to the unborn child. A doctor can legally abort a fetus and it is not called murder. Ariel Castro, the Cleveland kidnapper, is being charged with 5 "aggravated murders" of unborn fetuses for punching Michele Knight's stomach and forcing miscarriages. In both instances, an unborn fetus is being killed. Amirite?
@VicZinc It is ENTIRELY up to the woman. If she wants an abortion, she can have one. No person has the right to take her...

I see your point clearly, but my point is focusing on the fetus itself. The hard core pro choice folks actually claim that until a fetus is BORN, it is not human life. The whole crux of their argument is that until it can sustain itself, it is not a viable human being. Therefore, in killing it (aborting), a murder has not occurred. All I am trying to point out is that a fetus is a fetus is a fetus. If causing a miscarriage by force is chargeable by murder, then that is admission that a fetus is HUMAN and an actual person. It can not be human in one instance but a blob or cell tissue in another.

You don't trust Republicans with the economy

I don't trust ANYONE in D.C. with the economy. If you think for a second the Dems are doing a great job, you need to wake up and inform yourself. Are you paying attention to what is unfolding with the IRS nonsense?

Don't you think if God can do anything he should just stick his head out of the sky?

If you don't and won't believe with what IS available, you would not believe if a miracle was done or if one came back from the dead and warned you. Read the things said by the real Jesus in the Bible and He makes it perfectly clear.

How unorthodox would it be if we took all of Congress out of congress and elected moderates? Do you think it would work? Why or why not?

Electing just down to Earth, good, hard working Americans would be nice. We should stipulate that they NOT be lawyers, but have some good solid experience and successes in money management, business, and family.

Gays should not be allowed to marry because its against the law of nature and of god. Its a rebillion to god and think the countries which have even given a right to adopt think how it effent them physiological when living these kind sick and dirty people

What school did you go to? Please go back to it and demand your money back! There is no coherence to your posts.

All that which once never was, will one day again cease to be.

If it never was, then it can never cease to be. This would be a perfect quote for the atheist.

In the debate about whether God exists or not, there is a third possibility: that "God" does exist, but only within our brains.

That is just another way of saying He does not exist.
I always find it quite amazing that just because of advancements in technology and science, that somehow belief in God or miracles has to take a back seat or no seat at all. Yes, an airplane or rocket ship are amazing accomplishments, but they in no way diminish or discredit the miraculous occurrences recorded in Scripture. How many burning bushes have you spoken out of? How many Red Seas have you parted? I am sure you have figured out how to feed thousands of people with just a few bread loaves and fishes. And your walking on water skills are probably astounding.
Needless to say, science nor technology has duplicated such, and maybe never will. But for people like yourself, disbelief
is easier than accepting the concept of a real God. And that is perfectly fine. As soon as science or technology creates a world or universe from absolutely NOTHING, then I will begin to put them on the pedestal that you have.


Sobri - my reply function is not working so I have to make a separate comment. You make many very generalized rants of your own and never explain them. So please be consistent if you wish to say I sound offended. Most of what I read by you sounds like you have major axes to grind and act like conservatives or Christians are from hell! We all have opinions and are entitled to them. If mine don't agree with yours, I am not offended, and I am no less smart or intelligent than yourself. Please be reminded that our country is pretty well divided right down the middle on all the major social issues - so I am not in a small company when it comes to my beliefs, ideas, or thoughts. Your post is completely skewed with bias and anger and is not a fair representation of anything except what you do or don't believe. I can accept your differences, but you clearly can't accept mine. The move to remove God from American society is relatively new and recent. Our country was fine and happy the way it was until special interest groups decided that they were not being represented "fairly." Now we have a complete free for all and division like I have not seen in my life time. If that is the context you wish to thrive in, I am happy for you. But do not poo poo all of us who like traditional values, freedom, liberty, God, Bible, religion, etc. Nobody can rewrite our history and heritage. There are massive efforts to try, but they will always fail. If we lose what we have enjoyed for so many years, at least some of us will believe we know why.

It amazes you that people believe in god and the bible in this day and age

There are still more that DO than DON'T.

Gun control isn't about taking away your right to protect yourself. It's about keeping my right to not need a gun to feel safe outside of my home.
@leighlovesyou Except I'm not talking about taking away people's guns. There should be limits to what's available for private...

Many people WITH guns still don't feel safe! The reality IS - we are not safe - period. And nothing anyone can or will do is going to stop that. Evil exists. Bad people will always be out there scheming and dreaming up ways to hurt and kill good people. It is part of the whole life element. We did not ask for it, but we sure as hell better be willing to deal with it. Government and law enforcement have proven time and time again that they can NOT protect us. Every time there is a major crime, they turn to US for information and help. Imagine that!
And of course feelings are subjective and an emotion, so your feeling of not feeling safe might just be an over hyped fear. But by making it harder for the average law abiding citizen to obtain a weapon, you only insure that more law breakers will have as many of whatever it is they want.

You can't blame upper class white folk for our economic problems, and you can't blame people on welfare for them either. Our economic problems come from a combination of factors that range from congresses ability to create a budget, to all the perfectly-abled citizens who mooch of the government through welfare, to the thousands of celebrities hoarding money in their million-dollar mansion and designer outfits. You can't blame a group of people and you can't blame a certain party.

The problem has been in the making for years. It is no single person or party's fault. But it has to be fixed NOW because it is completely out of control. We are now spending more as a country than we are taking in. Simple and basic economics tells us that at some point the whole ship will sink. The youth of America are going to inherit the biggest mess of any group of people before them. With the number of people on welfare/food stamps and unemployment, and the fact that only about half of the nation's present workers actually pay income tax, the whole machine is poised for collapse. It is truly only a matter of time. It is not IF but WHEN.

@xxdetroitxx No, he is not. Congress is. The president is just a figurehead.

A figurehead can not abuse executive privilege or authority. Congress is NOT doing that - Barack Hussein Obama IS!

Could the stability and comfort of a perfect communist society relinquish our psychological need for the comfort of religion?

There is no such thing as a "perfect communist society." If there ever had been one or was one today, then all of the world would gladly follow along. Some of us enjoy concepts like "freedom," "liberty," and "religion." If you fully believe that others controlling you offers "stability" and "comfort," then you really need to take another look at what communism is all about.