Telephones aren't actually smelly, it's just that your sense of color can't pick up on eastern pillow tires, amirite?
@bibbitybobbitybacon You smelling burnt toast, Travis?

I lost my sense of smell! Leave me alone you smellist!

socks just portable napkins, amirite?

Not sure about them being napkins, but they're definitely toilet paper when there is none.

Sam-I-Am from Green Eggs and Ham is a dick, amirite?

So is Goofus from Goofus and Gallant

At all times you are being watched by someone or something. amirite?
Most people only measure things in multiples of 5, amirite?
A cities blood is it's people. A cities heart are the things we use to transport us self to its organs, which is its buildings. amirite?

And the cities burning to the ground is the virus killing us all.


Child porn is slowly being introduced to society, amirite?
Mermaids wear starfish bras because starfish have mouths on their bellies, amirite?

Probably feels good~

The chance you get a number equation correct is one in every number to exist, amirite?

Basically 1 in infinity

Guards in films are always the most stupid characters, they never hear or see anything, amirite?

For plot reasons I hate it. It's the same as why a bad guy can one second have perfect aim yet the next fire 300 rounds at a guy running in a straight line and manage to never come within 3 feet of him.

If some of the bricks in the Mushroom Kingdom are Toads... amirite?

No? Bounty hunters kill people who have a price on their head or who has someone that want them dead

Sparkling water is Sprite but a scam, amirite?

Not quite, Sprite is a lot sweeter, whereas Sparkling water has almost no sweetness to it.

The probability of your cat accidentally harming or probably killing you is more than that of a dog. amirite?

Depends on the respective breeds, surely.

Easier to be sad. amirite?

Suggest trying to kill yourself by holding your breath

If you wear a facemask in the car, no one can tell that you're singing. amirite?

this is a good life pro tip