women should be allowed to breast feed their babies in public without being harassed, amirite?

if there is really nowhere the mother can go in private, she should atleast be able to cover it up. yeahh its natural and everything but its still a weird concept to just let your bare boob hang lose .

People need to calm the fuck down about how it's annoying when people say they love each other after only dating for a few days. We need more love in this world anyway, amirite?

First off, I just want to say that my parents first started dating when they were 16 and 17, now they've been married for twenty years, so it does happen; not all the time, but yes sometimes it does.

I don't feel like we should be lumping everyone into one group. I definitely know teenagers that jump into it right away and say they're getting married, but I do also know married adults that are doing just as wrong as the teenagers. I also know teenage couples that do absolutely everything for each other and I believe they're mature enough to know they love the other person, especially after dating a few years, and who's to say that teenagers can't love? Like I said, it's unfair to lump everyone together. Adults can be just as bad as jumping into relationships too fast as teenagers, and teenagers can be just as dedicated and in love as adults.

Avril Lavigne sings, 'All my life I've been good'. Yeah, tell that to the husband you cheated on. amirite?

Maybe she wrote the song about HOW she cheated her husband .

Its annoying when black people think they are the only ethnicity who have to deal with racism. At least they can get on an air plane without people nervously glancingin your direction, amirite?

I wish you didn't make this post anonymous . It's a good post , be proud of it .

Do you think there are too many immigrants in America? Yes:28%. No:12%. No Habla ingles:60%, amirite?
@1. Only 50% Illegal Immigrants are of Hispanic descent 2. A fair number of Immigrants, do in fact, learn...

of course this person's anonymous. funny trying to tell someone to STFU when they've actually got the damn balls.

Everyone complains about the deficit. Everyone is blaming Obama for spending too much, but what's he supposed to do? Whenever he tries to cut spending for something, you hear a ton of people go "NOOO!! you CAN'T cut funding for that. It's WAY too important!!" And so the cycle continues, amirite?

every president before obama has gone through the same thing, but gotten the criticism you're talking about. obama isnt some poor guy, he knew what he was signing up for .

My parents went to New York on the 11th of September and all I got back was this bloody T-shirt. amirite?

i found it funny too . its been nine years , and we do need to move on from it . it was a terrible event , and we can mourn the loses , but lets not forget to losen up every now and than too .

I'm not the only one who thought the saying "prima donna" was "pre-madonna" as a kid, amirite?

these comments about how everyone else didn't know it until a few seconds ago makes me feel better . thanks everybody (:

When you first saw and heard him, you would have bet your left arm that Tweety was female, amirite?

my dad doesn't have a left arm . maybe this is why

dear clever,
you're my hero.

Making jokes about poor people is just mean. But you can make jokes about rich people because they're RICH. They get everything they want and only have to worry about a few jokes comparing their house to Disneyland. Seems like a pretty good deal to me, amirite?
It sucks knowing you're the last child your mother had before she made the decision to get a hysterectomy, amirite?

that makes no sense

Stop being uptight. Laugh at racist jokes, sometimes there funny. amirite?
The internet gives kids "The Talk" these days. The reason that sex is starting lower in age is because it's becoming easier for younger kids to access the content that made them want to have sex in the first place. Tl;dr? Teens and even younger can see porn, amirite?
Do you think there are too many immigrants in America? Yes:28%. No:12%. No Habla ingles:60%, amirite?
@Sqwancho Are we counting descendants of immigrants immigrants as well? If so, then every white, black, Asian and some...

yeahh, I don't like illegal immigrants coming into my country -illegally- and so I am DEFINATELY racist.