The white birds in Angry Birds are pretty counterproductive. In order to get their eggs back from the pigs, they fight them with eggs. amirite?

Wow I just spent a long time trying to do both at once before realizing it's impossible. (cry2)

Sarcasm is the last refuge of the imaginatively bankrupt, amirite?

I would kind of like to point out that I made this post over a year ago, and I down voted it...

It's really irritating when people refer to you as/assume you are "spoiled" just because you were born into a middle class family who bought you your bedroom furniture and buys you your food, amirite?

You just made my day. My curiosity got the better of me and I discovered I share a birthday with Bo Burnham too.

They should print books with glow-in-the-dark ink so you can read at night, amirite?
You hate it when everyone else is talking about a TV show or movie that you haven't seen, amirite?
Airplanes should have see through floors, amirite?

This would be an amazing idea!!! would be an awful way to die if the plane crashed.

You get kind of sad when the hairdresser cuts off that first lock of hair, amirite?
You sorta want to try eating human, just to see what it would taste like, amirite?
@It was scientifically proven that cooked human flesh tastes and smells like roasted pork.

Yeah I was told this, but I would still like to taste it just to see. (:

Even Dr. Suess is pro-life. "So let that be a lesson to one and to all; a person is a person, no matter how small.", amirite?
@Shaan Thank you. Clearly the line isn't "an embryo's a person, no matter how small."

(Shaan.): Umm Dr. Suess has never been that obvious. He is smart, he puts his thoughts into writing. His Yurtle the Turtle book was brilliant, as is this.

Suicidals: you always feel bad whenever someone innocent dies whether by accident or for a bad reason. They die just because someone had to die, you'd have gladly taken their place and spared the pain their friends and family get from such a tragedy, amirite?
@mirandaamirite You would be surprised on how many suicidal people there are. Just because they seem like "normal" people doesn't...

True, I don't even know the statistics anyway. I just think in general most people aren't suicidal.

I figured out why men can have sex and women cannot or they look like sluts. A man tries so hard to get laid, and so when he does, he's looked upon as an accomplished person. A woman can get laid quite easily, therefore is looked upon as a slut when she does. This is the way society has been taught to live, amirite?

You're quite observant, congrats!

If I am a 90 degree angle, amirite?

Hahaha this took me a while.