You learned that wet things stick to cold things (i.e. tongue to frosted pole) from A Christmas Story, amirite?

i actually learned it from that scene in Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron when he is a foal and gets his tongue stuck to an icicle

Those who read on their own time should be proud. You aren't dependent on technology to keep you entertained. amirite?
@HannahFOObaby Right! I have 2 shelves of books that I have yet to finish haha :)

lolz. i have a problem with reading too fast. so i tend to go through a lot of lulls

You're still pIssed at Tom Riddle for framing Hagrid, amirite?

i love Tom Riddle

When you forget your password to sites, why do they have to send you a complicated jumble of letters and numbers that are impossible to remember, amirite?

copy and paste my friend. copy and paste

I'm not the only one who wonders how a mermaid would pee, amirite?
Mom, it's MY room. I don't see why it has to be up to YOUR standards. amirite?
It's kind of weird that when we're older, we're going to be telling our kids how people were freaking out because they thought the world would end in 2012, amirite?
SpongeBob is stupid. amirite?
@How Dare You!!!

what do you mean? its pointless, not funny, annoying, and im scared to death of it.

Selena Gomez is so pretty it's scary. amirite?
@OptimusPrime69 I thinkLady Gaga has a deeper voice than him. Jussss sayinnnn

dude. i have a deeper voice than him. everyone has a deeper voice than him!

You always write www.amirite.c and then realize your mistake, amirite?

i have it bookmarked. WHAT NOW?! haha

who came up with the name Hogwarts, its like hog and warts together. thats a terrible school name, amirite?

thats why i go to Pigfarts!

i hate it when posts start with "you want" or "you have" or "you would"...YOU DONT KNOW ME MAN! amirite?

I hate when posts start with "I". I DONT KNOW YOU MAN!

Those who read on their own time should be proud. You aren't dependent on technology to keep you entertained. amirite?
@HannahFOObaby Yeah I can't read fast baha so it takes my awhile. By the way sorry I can't do the reply thing, I'm on mobile and...

haha. its not biggie. yeah...i think i read too fast for my own good. even when i try to slow down, cuz i know i wont get another book for a while, i still finish quickly. it can get kinda annoying.

Girls: One of the worst things about your period is how much your boobs hurt, amirite?

i would have to say the cramps and breakouts are worse

You used to love - or still love - chugging the half & half creamers at restaurants. amirite?

i still do, so i cant really vote on this