It's strange to think that the English Shakespeare wrote his plays in is still classified as 'modern English' amirite?

Wherefore? Shakespeare's words hath seemed to mine taste an ideal reflection of the modern English tongue, such as that of the Moon on the ocean's waves. Hark ye! A thousand years' pox upon your House for such an abominable accusation!

Everyone has their weak spot. The one thing that, despite your best efforts, will always bring you to your knees, regardless of how strong you are otherwise. amirite?

Usually payment of at least $30 will bring me to my knees. Unless they're ugly. Then it's $50.

Comments on any post: Someone says "ha so true!" Grammar Nazi says something like "You made an error with the passive voice preceded by an adverb." Wannabe says "you're*". Amirite celeb makes a witty joke (+79, 14 loves). Anon tries to argue; loses. Debbie Downer says her friend died by being hit by a javelin while playing water polo, so this isn't funny. Someone questions the post's validity, amirite?

OMG polartheFREAKINbear! loljk i guess since most of us know who you are, i'd say yeah.

Ohh, so you mean it would say "AHSB SUWAVZ OABBDI" instea of "Ahsb suvavz oabbdi."

It's disappointing when teens know Hayley Williams as the "Wish right now" singer in 'Airplanes' instead of the lead singer of Paramore, amirite?

I think they did get her Paramore background across, being that every time her name is mentioned, it's not "Hayley Williams," but, "Hayley Williams of Paramore." They gave her that title like she's a Duke of Hazzard or Helen of Troy.

A question mark is just an exclamation mark that was punched in the stomach for asking a question. amirite?

what about the colon? it was chopped with a machete by an impatient person who was growing frustrated with the pause and was overly anxious to see the listed items which followed it.

For girls, it would suck to have a twin sister that wasn't identical, because then there's a chance she'll be Better looking. amirite?

random capital letters are Pretty cool

Don't worry if you get an F in algebra, F is a variable it can be anything, amirite?

the same could be said for "A."

You wish you were more flexible, amirite?


Only the dead have seen the end of war, amirite?
If I were to make a movie, I would have the name be one of the titles listed in Drake&Josh when they show the Premiere theater. That way, it'd get more attention, and for free. amirite?

I've always wanted to see "Kissed Her Sister."

You get flustered when everyone is turning in their test's and your still answering the middle part of the test questions. amirite?

somethings telling me that when you do finally hand it in, you still get bad marks. if you're talking about an english test, that is.

You feel bad for those people that will always have a double chin, no matter how skinny they get, amirite?

I hope your floor is clean!

You feel bad for those people that will always have a double chin, no matter how skinny they get, amirite?

I named my double chin Clarice. Clarice likes to show herself in all photos of me.

What do atheists say on Friday? TERARATSIF? Thank Earth's Rotation and Revolution Around The Sun It's Friday? amirite?

your's? i don't know what to say to you.