It seems like nine out of ten guys these days prefer big boobs and the tenth guy prefers the other nine guys, amirite?
When you think about it, Adolf Hitler has to be dead. The American life expectancy in 1900 was 47, so it couldn't have been much different with people from Austria, and it's been over 120 years since he died. Ignoring this evidence is just being blind, amirite?

he is dead you tard and not because of life expectancy hed have to die he killed himself wtf are you i dont even

Ipods r so extremly stupid, becuz there for idiots who r just gonna conform and get the piece of crap that costs way more than its worth. there r so many better mp3 players that suport more formats have better sound/video quiality but no, everyone just HAS to have the ipod. its not even that good, just shiny and popular, and for losers who just want 2 "fit in". what a bunch of idiot losers, am... amirite?

u r so x tremly stoopid

Today, my little sister came into the house dressed as a ninja. I happened to be dressed as a pirate. She pulled out a nerf gun without saying anything and we had an epic battle. Then we had sex. MLIA, amirite?

this is not a troll post.

You haven't told many of your friends about amirite because it's kind of 'your thing', amirite?
If female animals had their periods, all hell would break loose, amirite?

how the hell did so many people vote this up knowing animals DO have their version of a menstral cycle

it's stupid how kids get in trouble in school for defending themselves when someone tries to beat them up. What are they supposed to do, let the other person beat them up while they do nothing about it? amirite?
No one actually sleeps with their hands folded under their head like they show in movies, amirite?

I'm not sure exactly what you mean, but I always sleep with my hand underneath my pillow making a little triangle with mt arm

I'm not skinny, but I'm not fat either. I have curves and I look healthy and yet every guy in school seems to go after that one annoying chick who looks like she hasn't eaten for days, amirite?
There is a very fine line between bravery and stupidity. Ex: Bravery - I'm going to go and save the village with my army of experienced soldiers! Stupidity - I HAZ BIG SWORD THAT GO WOOOSH WOOSH! I SAVE TOWNSPEOPLE ALL BY MYSELF! amirite?

I lol'd hard.

Love songs are cute and all, but there need to be more about homosexual/bisexual/asexual relationships. I mean, some of the ones already out there you can't even tell are about it without knowing the artist's sexuality, amirite?

I am not even jokeing, the first time I heard Justin Beiber, I was like "It's nice lesbians are on the radio now"

If you take a test and just answer "42" for every question, the teacher should give you full credit, amirite?

i feel like this is reference to something i haven't seen....

Girls: bra size = average grade in school. amirite?

Its funny how most the girls commenting their bra sizes have a size D or bigger...

@gene Nobody likes me

everybody hates me guess ill go eat worms

It's ok for me to stare at a girl's boobs if theyre laid out on top of her tanktop for me to see, amirite?