Same goes for a lot of the nice good girls. Guys stick us in the friend zone and go out with the sluts who hurt them.

Movies never get the image of teenagers on the dot. They either make teens look like sex-freaks like in Dawson's Creek & Mean Girls or they make teenagers look like goody-goodies(every Disney- Movie), amirite?

That's because steryo-types and generalizations are the best friend to the preforming arts. It is easier to portray a sex-freak or goody-twoshoes teen, and easier for the audience to understand them, then it is to play an actualy teenager. Who are normally confusing as hell.

You've wondered at least once why the letters on a QWERTY keyboard are arranged that way, amirite?

The man who invented the keyboard was named Qwert Yuiop

People don’t look at your personality first. People judge you automatically by your looks and then try to get to know your personality. But the second they don’t like your looks, they don’t get to know you. That’s how reality is, amirite?

They may not get to know you right away. If someone likes how you look, they will get to know you faster, and it will take a lot longer to get to know someone when they don't like your looks. Then there are people who are too intimidated to get to know people who look really good, so only get to know the average looking people.

I think the friend zone is a persons opinion. Sure there are guys and girls who are totally perfect for their friend but don't see it. So, the friend who likes them is stuck in the friend zone. But what about the guys who complain they are in the friend zone just because the girl doesn't like them? Do we have to go out with every guy who is our friend that likes us just to not be concidered a bitch or a slut?

People who try to justify the way Miley Cyrus acts are ridiculous. "She's 18 now, what she did was legal etc..." It doesn't matter if it was legal, are you trying to tell me that every 18 year old girl should dress up in leather pants, hooker heels and a bikini top, take nude pictures of themselves and smoke salvia? Since when did acting like a whore turn into "normal teenage girl stuff", amirite?

Actually most celebrities are celebrities because the do something that pleases people. and when someone becomes famous they have to take into account that people will watch everything you do. Sure, she can do what she wants. But she is also a role model to younger kids. That is the bad part. She CHOSE to be that role model, she can't just say "screw this" and do what she wants. She has those kids looking up to her. If it was awhile after Hannah Montana ended, it wouldnt be as big a deal. But she influences kids.

It would be really cool if everyone had a symbol on top of their head and all you had to do was find someone who's symbol matched yours, then you would have found someone perfectly compatible to you. It would make dating so much easier, amirite?

(Chauncy Pickles): Spontaneous passion can happen with the one you love and are meant for. Most often it is just lust. I never said you couldn't go lusting after another symbol for your passion. There is romance, who said that just because you are a perfect match you have to be together? I also never said there was just one matching symbol for each person. There could be many matching symbols to yours, and you can go and find the one you like best.

Since when is it socially acceptable to text other people while you have a guest over? It's actaully kinda rude, amirite?

I hate it when I invite a friend over and they spend the whole time on their phone. It's like hello, why did you come over if you aren't going to do anything but text someone else?

People freak out about Miley Cyrus and her "growing up" because it's like she doesn't understand that she's a role model to little children. amirite?
@fuckoffwhore shes not going to give up a great career for the kids, shes not going to put off growing up for the show

She doesn't have too. But she has to realize if she wants that career, as Hannah Montana and a preformer for kids age 7-13, she can't go around acting like she is. If she wants to grow up that is fine, but at least make responcible choices for the kids she influences. If she wants to be a slut and try drugs, her choice, and she could do it in private. And before you say as a mega-star it is hard to find privacy, there are ways to get it. It is hard, but part of the choice you make when you become famous. You can't complain that you don't want people watching you and looking up to you and still want to be a star in the public eye. Being an influence and little to no privacy comes with it, deal with it and be responcible or find a way to do it in private.

Anyone who says "Happiness is a choice" is an idiot. Do they really think you're choosing to be in a crippling state of depression? amirite?

Alot of chemical imbalances, like the ones involved in clinical depression, are not controllable. They may seem to be, like just exersize and you will feel better, and then be happier. When you are depressed, you don't have the energy or the will to do those things, but they still want to be happy. Even someone without depression can't go out and think "I'm going to be happy today" it doesn't work. Sure your attitude can help and the wanting to be happy helps to. But you just can't choose to be happy. Next time, read alittle bit up on the topic.

Depression is a mental disease. Like cancer, but for your mood and personality. It is not a choice. The day you tell a cancer patient that they chose to have cancer and are the ones preventing them from getting better is the day you can tell me, I chose to have depression, amirite?

The main point of this post was to say that depression shouldn't be treated like it is nothing because it is a mental disease. It is still a disease. Why is it justifiable to make fun of or be cruel to someone with a mental disease when it is unthinkable to someone with a well known disease, like cancer.

Girls should not be having sex (willingly) unless they are ready and fully capable of dealing with the consequences, mainly pregnancy and a child, amirite?
@Frank_n_Furter They can use condoms (or use any other bc) if they're not ready to have a child but still want to have sex. I'm not...

I wasn't saying you should have sex only to procreate, I did say consequences, meaning all. I just highlighted pregnancy and children because it is one harder to deal with. Ignoring abortion because everyone has different views, do what you want but if that's your solution to being irresponsible it isn't right. But, condoms and birth control aren't 100% effective. There is a slim chance, but still a chance of pregnancy or even an STI. I don't think you should only have sex to have children. What I was saying was that you shouldn't have it without being able to deal with the consequences. If you are 12 and decided to and get pregnant, what are the chances of being able to deal with it (it's possible they could but slim). Also at that age would they be open to telling a parent or someone to get treatment for an STI? You shouldn't be just mature enough to have sex but able to, in the off chance it happens, deal with the consequence, whatever it maybe.

People freak out about Miley Cyrus and her "growing up" because it's like she doesn't understand that she's a role model to little children. amirite?
@brunetterox915 she got the part when she was 11. do you really think she thought ahead 7 years and said 'you know what, im gonna...

She made the choice at 11, but also stuck with it for 7 years. If she did the show for a few years, then quit and waited until she wasn't a huge star and role model to young kids before she went in the opposite direction, it wouldn't be such a big deal. How do parents explain to a young kid that there role model suddenly isn't a good person, it would confuse many kids. She can be different but should have done it differently. Faded from the limelight and role model role before she decided to 'grow up' like she did.

Girls: When it's summer time and you're staring at guys with their shirts off, you may be checking them out, but your more envious that they can take off their shirts and you can't without it being illegal, amirite?

If it was socially acceptible, girls would have no problem taking their shirts off, it would be natural. That said, I wish it was socailly acceptible.

Why is it that daughters will get anything they want, while sons must "earn it" or "pay for it themselves"...... parents are biased, amirite?

When the girls are young they are spoiled and the boys have to earn it, but once in their teens the boys are spoiled and can do "whatever" whilst the girls have to beg and plead to get anything.