you hate seeing women like this, amirite?

Even if I don't know her, I still feel bad when I see a woman cry.

Magic is all about how you interpret it. Sure we don't have flying cars, or magic wands, but we do have technology that allows us to talk to someone thousands of miles away, doors that open for us, and access to all sorts of information at the touch of the button. It's just a matter of perspective, amirite?

A man floating in an ancient tribe can be seen as normal to them, but if we come in with a simple watch, they might think its magic. vis-versa to us. We might think the floating man is magic, and the watch is normal to us. So it is all perspective.

"Pretzel Bottomed Reeses Peanut Butter Cup Cookie Pie"... What a mouthful, amirite?

Lucks fucking delicious though! :O

Prayer "aiding" recovery from disease is a result of the placebo effect, not divine intervention, amirite?

Why can't people be more open minded. There was a post awhile back that said some thing like "maybe science is God's way of explaining things" and I like that idea! For us, somewhat "lesser beings", God gives us something to explain all the wierd and strange things in our world. But the church is so stuck up in itself that it doesn't see these things and doesn't accept change or new theories. It's more "my way or the highway" to them, and that's where the ignorance comes in. Now true there are strong Christian followers that arent ignorant to science and i believe those might be some of the best people out there. But the ones that are totally one way or another need to open up a bit more...

And It also shouldn't take a -book- to teach Right and Wrong. But if that's what it you believe, then have fun, following advice from 2000+ years ago. :L

It would be so awesome if clouds were red, amirite?

No it wouldn't. It would be normal, because that is what we would see every day. Now of there was a red cloud because of your blood that I drained got evaporated, THAT would be awesome

It would be really cool if instead of turning the Harry Potter books into movies, they could've made them into TV series. Each book will be a season, and each chapter an episode. It would've been much cooler, plus they also would've been able to fit every detail of the book, add in extra details, and show us more about life in Hogwarts. Amirite?

So like the "Avatar: The Last Airbender" series?

"Life is unfair" is a weak and watery excuse your parents/teachers use when they decide not to listen to a well reasoned argument for something you want, amirite?

Same with "because I said so!"

They say that duct tape can fix anything, but it certianly cannot fix relationships, amirite?
Spanish commercials: A bunch of women dance provocatively for 28seconds, then in the last 2seconds say Pepsi, amirite?

Most original post never! Amirite?

The best part of SNL is seeing the actors laugh, amirite?

Or whenever "Stephan" comes on Weekend Update, he's always laughing his ass off by the end! XD

A world without weapons is a world of true peace, amirite?

Also, how would we hunt/gather food?

Dipping your fries in a vanilla shake. You either love it or hate it. amirite?

Wendy's original chocolate frosty, is the best dip for those!!

If all the porn sites were blacked out for 24 hours SOPA would be long gone, amirite?

I know of one that is...

Guys: You like to eat pussy, amirite?
@cats aren't really my thing. Fish, on the other hand...

Thanks for that mental image and bad recollection! >.<

Patriots should have won, amirite?