Post A Great Classic Rock Song

"Radar Love" by Golden Earring...

It's the middle of July and the stores are already putting out Christmas merchandise, isn't that a bit early?

Seasonal overlap is ridiculous; just try to buy summer clothes in your size in August! Christmas, the Godzilla of holidays, is currently spanning three months...

Ever have a pet with a disability? My pet is blind with cancer and I love her more than ever... one cat was a homeless stray who was starving, and bleeding from a tail amputation. He still projected class and dignity, and is now a pampered, much-loved family member...

Michael Jackson also wanted to play Peter Pan and Spider-Man...

If you found out your new friend was a Wiccan, how would you react?

For me, it would be no big deal. I'd be interested in hearing about their beliefs and how they practiced them. I've never had a Wiccan knock on my door and try and tell me about the Triune Goddess!

What do you do,on average,once a week?

Buy gas for the vehicle...

If you're an employer, who is aware of an employee with emotional issues, specifically depression, the worst thing you can do to that person is be apathetic and totally disregard or dismiss it as an attitude, personality or work ethic problem. Taking away that person's livelihood by terminating their employment is the same as holding someone's head under water and watching them drown.

I quite agree, but many employers in the current work atmosphere have minimal if any concern for the mental health needs or personal happiness of their employees. Sadly gone is the atmosphere of an extended family from many workplaces.

My mother liked anything by Glenn Miller, Benny Goodman, and the big band or crooner era.

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My cats are free to sleep on the bed if they so choose, and they often do so.

Do You Have Family Members Who Still Dwell On Things That Happened Within The Family Decades Ago And Still Bring Them Up As Though They Happened Last Week?

Oh mother loved to re-open old wounds, and fed her grudges lovingly.

Do you prefer reading fiction or non-fiction? needs an escape from real life.

Do you like the picture on your license/I.D. card?

The photo driver's license is hideous. I think it's because they have you hold your head at an unnatural angle to show all of your face, and basically just want to rush you through and go on to the next victim...

There is someone, somewhere, happy with less than you have.

A man's value does not consist of the sum of his possessions, even though contemporary society pushes in that direction.

Cops arrest naked couple spotted riding stolen lawn mower

I doubt that they could have made a high-speed getaway. Were these wild rebels airing their differences in public?

At a fancy party what would you like to have served on a cracker?

Any cheese is good, and peanut butter works, too, although too déclassé for a fancy party...