Arts and crafts are fun no matter how old you are, amirite?
When you get sunburn, like on your shoulders and back) and put cooling lotion on your skin, it feels amazing, amirite?
@dancingirl17 that's unfortunate. hahaa. just kidding.

I know! Because when posts like yours come up, I can't relate. :-p

Shaving is great, until you see all those bleeding razor bumps on your legs. amirite?

What kind of razor are you using?

You've hit a dead end in Hollister before, amirite?
@in what world is it inexpensive????

You would probly have a heart attack in Neiman Marcus.

A 16-year-old girl liking a 14-year-old guy isn't that weird, although it does make her a cougar, amirite?

You're not a cougar if you're only 16

"So I have like 15 pictures in the yearbook. It upsets me, what if someone sees." Trust me, no one will look for every one of your pictures. Let alone care about you. amirite?

So not true!!!

There should be a common saying for when someone coughs, like when people say "bless you" after someone sneezes, amirite?

People cough waaaaay too much to say something everytime they cough.

You wonder if the McDonalds in Europe serve healthier food, amirite?

wait, then have you been to France?

All the people in the acne commercials are never the ones that need the product, amirite?
Kids who are gifted in the arts should be put in a special school right when they start schooling. That way, they won't get scolded for doing things they're very good at. (i.e. doodling/drawing) amirite?

You're so right!

along with "yeah you are" and "no way", there needs to be a "wtf are you talking about" option on here. amirite?

How would that determine if someone is right or not?

Guys look hot in skinny jeans, amirite?

It really depends on the guy and how his body is built

You have tried to fart on an open flame, amirite?

Haha, I hope there weren any girls that agreed to that. :-p

I am a long haired teen guy, in a death metal band, who has only three friends, and fellow high school students regard as "a quiet, wierd kid who needs to talk more." I will find a girl who loves me, amirite?

I would encourage you to put yourself out there a little bit more, but of course you'll find a girl who loves you. :-)

Life: I have to to go to the bathroom on a toilet now?! WTF, homework on the weekends, I hate school! I'm falling for insert name of crush. I'm to hungover to make it to class. I hate my job. Sex is awesome! Woah, your pregnant?! Yay, we're married! Sorry, I can't make it to the party, watching the kids. I'm too tired for sex tonight honey. Damn kids on my lawn again. Need moar pills! dead.... amirite?
@DaveyT lol nah it's not.. lmao

(DaveyT) haha, that's good to hear. :-)