About me.

I'm a 13 year old Jewish girl who loves reading, hanging with friends, chocolate and so many other things, In the future I want to be a Therapist or a Ocupatioal Therapist. I love helping and working with disabled people, I am pretty open minded and I respect ofther people's views and opinions but please don't try and change what I believe. My picture is a picture of my little puppy attacking my golden retrivers tail, their names are Oscar (small white one) and Scarlet (Big golden). I have a Bat'Mitzvah coming up on March 19th (my party is gonna be HELLA fun!!!!)and my birthday is April 4th.

Some things about me:

I love purple
I think I'm fat even though I'm 89.5lbs
I'm kind of depressed but I still act happy and have good moments
my favorite food is tiramisu
I enjoy going on Omegle video chat and convincing the people that I am pregnant and 13, when they don't believe me I puff out my belly (which I am great at doing) and show them.
I love parties
My best friends names are Sara, Julia and Ellie
I looooooooooove coffee
I'm very ADD and OCD
I'm a little perverted but aren't we all
I'm super short
I have a older sister and two older brothers
I won't judge your beliefs if you don't judge mine/ try to change mine
I believe that whatever you believe will happen to you when you die will happen to YOU
I hate ignorant people who don't know anything about learning disabilities and just think they are a load of bull.
I'd probably give my life for anyone, I know thats a bad thing.
I think pot should be legalized.t would need a age limit, amount you're allowed to use, special stores you can buy it at, and you should not be able to smoke it in public.
I'm pro-choice I wouldn't get an abortion but I think it's a woman's choice to choose if she wants one
I am also MADLY in love with Trunninja! but don't tell him that...

I hate it when people use words such as "Retarded" if I think about calling someone that I slap myself and feel very guilty.

Please do not try to change what I believe or think, if you do don't be surprised if I defend myself.

Feel free to ask me any questions! If they are about me I'll put the answers above on the about me list! Have a great day :)

P.S. Giving nudes to the Mods won't make them make you a mod.