About me.

I am an 21 year old Canadian, Agnostic and Kryptonian (but don't tell anyone)
I aim to inspire and entertain, and hopefully both at the same time
I am a bit of strict when it comes to spelling, but I also understand people make mistakes

I have OCD

not the OCD where everyone is like OMG I AM SOOO OCD
no, I have medically diagnosed OCD
and ADD, and Insomnia....

The spelling error above was done purposely

so yeah, thanks for reading, I hope this helped you discover who I am,
continue reading and you maybe you'll discover who you really are

and now for something inspirational;

Get dirty. Get fucking filthy. Get poor. Get off your ass. Get desperate. Get dangerous. Get vilified. Get vile. Get romantic. Get fucked. Get moving. Get productive. Get pro-active. Get started. Get your own life. Get doing something.
Because before you know it you’re 40 with kids, a mortgage, and responsibilities that cause your fun to come second. So before cancer, before children, before 50 hour work weeks, before back and knee problems, before school loans, before you lose your sense of humour...

Fight and fuck and run and smile. Smile because the older you get, the less you will. So yes, “quit being such a goddamn pussy” Because bitching and whining and worry never made anything better. Amirite or Amirite?

I have a tumblr. Connect with me ! (:

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