For the next 8 more days, the date can be read the same forwards and backwards, amirite?
There's a generation of kids that think that "Life Is a Highway" was written by Rascal Flatts. amirite?

I kinda like the rascal Flatts version better

People are embarrassed to buy pads and tampons but not toilet paper, amirite?

I hate buying tp more than tampons. So awkward and bulky to carry home!

Some of your relatives may have been mistakenly declared dead and buried alive and nobody will ever know, amirite?

Yeah..... I have too many of those don't remind me

In this digital era, someone might create something that would go unnoticed in their lifetime, but become appreciated in 500 years and become famous, amirite?
@There are many examples actually but now it's easier with the technologies, it can be preserved and seen more

One could argue that the internet gives MORE exposure compared to before, causing less to go unnoticed.

If you can't think of how to explain what you're doing to your mom and/or the police. Then you probably shouldn't be doing it. amirite?

Good citizen (and child)!

The oldest people have their "Luck Skill" set at 100. amirite?
@remotespot what if you had a miserable life and wish you would die already

Then...clearly you are min/maxed and haven't discovered where those points went yet. These values have more of an effect on late game then the tutorial where everyone is kind of chintzy.

Vision is all ju$t interpreted light, amirite?

What$ with the $ s

All colours are Christmas colours if you're colourblind, amirite?

You have no idea how colour blindness works, sorry OP.

One day people will think of skateboards as the OG hoverboards, amirite?

Nahh. Cant do kickflip and tricks with hoverboards

It's 2019, and we still can't really explain dreams. amirite?

it's like trying to explain how you feel when you're high

Maybe when we lose one sock in the wash, it resurrects as an extra Tupperware lid. amirite?
It's okay to lick your fingertips but if you lick any other body part it's gross and weird. amirite?

So I should not be licking my elbow?

If VR gaming gets too realistic, war games might actually give people PTSD. amirite?