If cells have mitosis, viruses self-replicate, and humans have sex, the galaxies have the Big Bang, amirite?

The universe has the big bang

In this digital era, someone might create something that would go unnoticed in their lifetime, but become appreciated in 500 years and become famous, amirite?
@There are many examples actually but now it's easier with the technologies, it can be preserved and seen more

One could argue that the internet gives MORE exposure compared to before, causing less to go unnoticed.

For the next 8 more days, the date can be read the same forwards and backwards, amirite?
One day people will think of skateboards as the OG hoverboards, amirite?

Nahh. Cant do kickflip and tricks with hoverboards

On Halloween, hospital ER waiting rooms look like the "Neitherworld" waiting room in the movie Beetlejuice. amirite?

Hah. I couldn't imagine a hospital that extreme. But I get you. Have an updoot.

There's a generation of kids that think that "Life Is a Highway" was written by Rascal Flatts. amirite?

I kinda like the rascal Flatts version better

The oldest people have their "Luck Skill" set at 100. amirite?
@remotespot what if you had a miserable life and wish you would die already

Then...clearly you are min/maxed and haven't discovered where those points went yet. These values have more of an effect on late game then the tutorial where everyone is kind of chintzy.

We won't be able to recognize our own skeleton. amirite?

I have very specific bones broken and metal pieces that hold bones in place i think i can recognize it.

Myrtle Beach is where Florida Man goes on vacation to cut loose, amirite?

You mean looser than he already lives

Goo Lagoon in Spongebob. Water under water. The Lagoon must have had a major density difference to be able to be underwater and to be noticeable under the water. Maybe it's the nuclear dump that made all of the fish walk and talk. amirite?
if you smell your own fart while eating a burrito, everything has come full circle, amirite?

That's a hell of a long time to be eating one burrito and also I don't inhale my food through my nose.

If VR gaming gets too realistic, war games might actually give people PTSD. amirite?
If you can't think of how to explain what you're doing to your mom and/or the police. Then you probably shouldn't be doing it. amirite?

Good citizen (and child)!

Maybe in a few years being a gay man will be easier than being a straight man, amirite?
@SleepyEthel Thanks to feminists this is already true

Sorry you've been beaten within an inch of your life for walking out of a straight bar, must be rough.

It's how we all know what metal tastes like but we have never tried to eat it, amirite?