Being beautiful is a choice, and it's never too late to choose it, amirite?


Straight people: girls- sometimes you see a gey guy whos cute but gey so it's suck. guys- sometimes you see a gey guy whos cute but gey and your straight so it also sucks. amirite?
Keep your inside jokes out of here... HAHAH amirite, Steve?!


There's at least one body part that you just find generally unattractive, amirite?


The Fairly Odd Parents has some catchy- ass songs, amirite?


When the GPS voice says "recalculating," it sounds kinda pissed, amirite?

This reminded me of this:
YouTube video thumbnail

You secretly wish that the "When he teases you it means he likes you" philosophy was true, amirite?

Nobody teases.. maybe emotionally scar but never tease

A person should not be ridiculed based on their weight if they are making a legitimate effort to lose some, amirite?

I agree. Especially when people make fun of fat people at the gym. It's like REALLY?

You wonder how the Obamas feel about not getting invited to the royal wedding, amirite?

Does anyone else think it's weird that they're called the Obamas? Cause.. the president is like OBAMA; you think of him as Obama, not an Obama
Just thought it was funny

When the airplane lands, you and all the other passengers applaud, amirite?
@CityofLindsay wow, im surprise. everytime i've been on a commercial airplane, we applaud the captian as soon as he lands the...

I've never had this happen but it sounds pretty awesome.. I should start and maybe everyone'll join in!

It would suck if you were born with no arms or legs and your parents named you Matt, amirite?

What do you call someone with no arms or legs in water? Bob

If you make a meme reference in real life, no one gets it, amirite?
If you argue that aborting a fetus is wrong because it is cutting off potential life, then by that logic, any moment when a woman isn't pregnant is wasting potential. I mean, seriously, why are you even reading this right now when you could be getting nasty? This is a matter of life and death! Amirite?

In my opinion, adoption is the answer no matter what the circumstances.

If you are raped and find yourself pregnant, then I suppose it should be your decision to make.
I think the right choice would be to give birth to the child instead of killing it before it's had a chance to live. You could then put it up for adoption, or even raise it as your own if you think you're capable.

Yes, it would suck giving birth to a baby you didn't ask for, but life isn't fair.
I don't think I could personally live with the guilt of knowing that I allowed potential life to be killed.

If you have unprotected sex and then decide to abort your babies, that is not okay.
The purpose of sex is to make life. Having sex then killing the life you make is wrong.

Basically, I think abortion is very wrong.
However, I am neutral on whether it should be ILLEGAL or not.

You love that moment when you're reading a book and you get to a really profound line, so you put down the book and just think about it for a second. Amirite?

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