Cold blooded animals are always cold because their just dead inside. amirite?

No, definitely not dead.

If dogs could talk it would do wonders for people's self-esteem. Cats would destroy it. amirite?

Cats: "I love you. Let's cuddle ... oh wait, did I just say that? No f you ~slaps~"

Have you ever watched someone do something different than the way you would've done something and get the same or better results but think "they did it all wrong!", amirite?

Screw that! Adapt and survive.

You aren't supposed to microwave a Cup of Noodles! amirite?

Depends. Some are marked microwave safe.

If humans have an end date than we probably have a "Best If Used By" date too, amirite?

You could say the time spanning between 18 and 25 when we completed our development but haven't started the decay as a "best if used by" period

There's a body in the woods no ones found yet. amirite?

can't tell if it's a confession or not...

@But not as exciting

And potentially more fatal.

It's always overzealous, never zealous or under-zealous. amirite?

How whelming, and I can't under exaggerate that enough.

They use vibrators duck-taped to sticks.

Reality TV is wasting your life by watching other people do stuff with theirs, amirite?

That was one of the funny parts of The Truman Show - the people that were so consumed by watching Truman's life that they didn't have one of their own as well as didn't know what to do once Truman checked out.

The chances of being killed by an ant is low, but not zero, amirite?

Ded me mez

Someday someone will capitalize on cereal milk. amirite?

Someone already has! There is a place in NY called Milk Bar. They make soft serve ice cream from cereal milk!

As a child, you were carried around regularly. One day you were put down, and never picked up again. amirite?
If pencils are made out of wood, then technically an eraser is an axe, amirite?
@optsyn I think you're missing a stepping stone here, haha

If a stepping stone is made of rock it must be a statue

General Grievous could play any computer game with himself as long as he has two controllers, amirite?

You need two brains for that