You wonder if Buzz and Woody ever met any of Andy's mom's toys, especially since they probably have the same names, amirite?
It's really awkward when you go inside of your closet looking for Narnia and you find the door to Monster's Incorporated, amirite?

And then you go into the door that takes you to the mountain and you have to live with the abominable snowman and his "yellow" snowcones.

Typical atheist family: ''Hey dad, I'm back from fucking a hooker, where's mom?'', ''She's out getting an abortion'', ''OK, I'll just go to my room'', ''Hold on son, there are 2 gay men having sex in there, wait until they're done'', ''OK'', amirite?

My family's atheist.

None of us fuck hookers or get abortions. Or host gay men having sex. Or anyone having sex, for that matter.

Can we pretend that the first four words of this sentence didn't make you think of an overplayed song? amirite?

I actually... didn't think of that.

I was like, "Which song is that... umm... OH YEAH AIRPLANES!"

Then I slapped myself for being so stupid.

Wake up in the morning and my breath ain't pretty. And nobody's gonna kiss me if my mouth smells shitty. So I always brush my teeth before I start on the Jack. Sure, my drinking's out of hand but I'm controlling the plaque! amirite?
Big Time Rush....yup I give 'em 2 more years, then we'll see one as a gay stripper, one in jell, one as an underwear model and one in rehab. amirite?

Is jell supposed to be some hybrid of the words jail and hell...?

Because that sounds about right.

You're happy that spiders don't travel in packs, amirite?

Not the spiders in Harry Potter...


trick or treating when you are 15+ is childish, amirite?

It may be "childish," but it's damn fun.

Someone should make boxers that say "WARNING: May contain nuts", amirite?

"Not for children under the age of 3."

...unless you're Pedo Bear

Why do they sell Microsoft Points in 1400 and 2800, when basically everything on Xbox Live is in multiples of 400. amirite?

...2800 is a multiple of 400.

You have absolutley no idea where Ralph (in Ed Edd n' Eddy) is from, amirite?

I want to know this and what Double-D's hair looks like.

Snowmen shouldn't wear scarves, hats, mittens, etc. because they're made of snow. Snowmen wearing scarves/hats/mittens are probably suicidal, which says a lot about the snowman community, amirite?

Actually, Mythbusters proved that a snowman wearing a coat melted slower than a naked one.

How can you look at something as beautiful as the sunset and not believe in God? amirite?

You know, just because you believe in God, doesn't mean he's real.

I could say that I believe in the Great Pumpkin, but it doesn't mean it's real.

The Bible: Pics or it didn't happen, amirite?
@scrantoncity Don't worry. In a few years, after the Rapture, I think you'll realize I'm right. But 99% that was made up on the...

Have you not noticed that every one of your comments has been voted down, while CapedCrusader's have all been voted up?

Who's wrong now?

Everyone's dream is to go to Narnia. amirite?

I'm pretty sure Hitler's dream was NOT to go to Narnia.
But that's just a guess.