People are always trying to breed spicier peppers, but never colder mint leaves, amirite?
You have never seen an old midget... amirite?

Beetlejuice is 52

People are always trying to breed spicier peppers, but never colder mint leaves, amirite?
@Girlislit When I see someone eating ice cubes, I think iron deficiency...

How does eating ice equate to iron deficiency? Just curious

Usain Bolt is the Fastest man on earth even when 99% of the earth's population didn't even participate in the race. amirite?

But the 1% that he did race against have beaten the other people who tried to become the 1%

Movie tickets are expensive when movies first release because they come with a no spoil add-on, amirite?

This is......reaching.

Smoke more weed and come back next time.

Diet controls your size, exercise changes your shape. amirite?


Only size. No shape (proportions/body type)

Rectangle forever I guess. I am underweight atm

The cleaner the room, the harder to find stuff. amirite?

The most orderly toolbox doesn't have the important keys

The n-1 dimensional GPS map, amirite?
@88080808088 That is, assuming there's only surface travel. That way this would hold as an n-dimensional object has...

Exactly. And on planets, there is only surface travel because of gravity. In space, you could use all n axes.

The teenage mutant ninja turtles are likely all virgins, amirite?

Nah, April O'Neil totes banged each of them.

The better you get at jump-roping, the lower you have to jump to avoid the rope. The lower you jump, the less exercise you get. amirite?
Everything you do on a computer feels like hacking when you are bad at remembering your passwords. amirite?

Use a password manager

Cats eye brows end at their butt hole. amirite?
@Iapetus-11 What

I think it's because the hair carries from their eyebrows to their holes, unlike most humans that have no hair on the forehead.

Sith lords have a lot of honor to not use their Force Grip on their enemy's groin. amirite?

This makes me think of old king fu movies and the protagonist developing an iron crotch 🤣

We live in an age where some girls prefer to let strangers see her genitals before they see her face. amirite?

Do you mean women?

If you choose one super power choose to make snow into cocaine, amirite?