About me.

Hello you. Ur r talking time out of ur very important day to read this so i now feel that u care about me so u now r my friend.

My name is George, im from Ballwin in St. louis. I play all sorts of sports. Football, baseball, soccer, and basketball. I'm a diehard American and people from other countries(except Greece) r not my friends( unless of course they like americans). I have a dog named rags. My family named her that cause we got her from a shelter and she looked like one when we got her. My favorite hobby is deer hunting. My rifle is a marly 30/30. It was given to me dad who got it from his dad. I also like restoring rifles. Right now me and my dad are restoring a mosin newget which was a russian sniper rifle in world war 2. My best friend is jack and he's a jerk but im a jerk to so we even out. my favorite movie is Talledaga Nights. I have a huge celebrity crush on Rosie Huntingtion-Whiteley. And over all i'm a very nice guy but im very mean to gays, vegans, athiest, and American-hating foriegners. and even if you live in your home country if ur not american you r a foriegner. XD