It's very annoying when you're on the internet and there are people talking/commenting on a post/chatting about (real) football and then an American says something about American football, amirite?
@Spain I don't like the word soccer, so I'm saying real football as in the first sport named football and the sport which...

I don't like the word 'lightbulb' but you don't see me complaining about having to say it when I go to the store in need of a new one.

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You can fall in love with someone that you text constantly or talk on the phone with all the time even if you've never met them in person, amirite?

I feel like the word 'love' is thrown around too easily these days. Love isn't texting someone all day long, love is accepting a person for all their flaws. Love is waking up in the morning and wanting to see their face before anything else; it's wanting to introduce them to your parents. It's thinking "I want to spend the rest of my life with this person." Love is definitely not something you can feel from only texting/calling.