If you've completed NaNoWriMo you are officially a literary badass, amirite?
Today me and my friend had an argument, and I'm trying to set her straight. Just because a guy holds a girls bookbag, does not mean he's whipped, amirite?
@right. and russian guys aren't whipped! that just proves my point completely!

Haha in a lot of cultures (that aren't American) guys aren't whipped..they're just trained well! Haha just kidding

Schools should give delayed openings when Halloween is on a Sunday. amirite?
@Big_Boss My teachers gave out a lot of homework on that day on purpose...

At least you have something to eat while doing homework though

Before a person attacks or criticizes Islam or Muslims in general, they should read "Three Cups of Tea." amirite?

I've never read the book but I lived in a country where most of the population are Muslim.it's ridiculous how much prejudice is put against these people. The women are generally more made fun of because of the clothing that covers their entire body but if that's how they like to dress (for religious reasons) how is that any different from an American girl who wears short shorts and a tight t-shirt to show off her body?

You are always pleasantly surprised when you find out an actor who you didn't know sang has a really good voice, amirite?

Tom Felton but Daniel Radcliffe surprised me majorly

We have all seen the TV shows where a person is on a plane and there is a little kid behind them who keeps kicking their seat. But that never happens in real life, amirite?

I fly every few months (usually long flights like 10 hour flights) and I have NEVER had that happen to me. If I did I would turn around and ask the parent to please teach their child how to behave. It might be rude but some people need to learn

We are raising a generation that doesn't know what the "D" in SunnyD stands for, amirite?

:) I used to love SunnyD. I haven't had it in a while though. When I go back to the states I think I'm going to have to stock up

It seems as if the soda, Sierra Mist just disappeared. You never see/hear about it anymore. Amirite?

I just had Sierra Mist with lunch...

It must be awkward for other people named Harry in the wizarding world.... "Hi, I'm Harry!" "HARRY POTTER?" "Ummmm, no..." amirite?

He's Harry Freakin' Potter! He's the man :D

I like that boulder. That is a NICE boulder. amirite?
@TheMaineDestinee *Tangled

I live in a Russian speaking country and it's called Rupunzel here so thats what I call it. It's a habit now.

Most kids now spend more time on the computer and playing video games than reading a book, amirite?

My parents had to buy me a Kindle because they were sick of paying so much to buy me books, so I'm one of those exceptions.

When you are home alone, you run about naked dancing and singing at the top of your lungs, amirite?

I only scream songs at the top of my lungs. I'm usually not naked though lol it's too cold in my house to do that

3 is the best letter in the rainbow. amirite?
There has never been a death that wasn't tragic. amirite?
@Desdemona Voldemort?

Damn you beat me to it

As a kid you thought Jessie and James were a couple, but now looking back on it, James was pretty gay, amirite?