You just don't wake up one morning and not like your girlfriend, amirite?

I do if I wake up to her watching me sleep with a knife

There is nothing wrong with having small boobs, amirite?

Actually, there's 2 things wrong. hello smilie

(Bracing for negative votes)

There's some point in the day where your parents find it unacceptable for you to take a shower (1pm-5pm and 10pm- 4am maybe) and when they aren't home you always take a shower at those times just to feel like a rebel, amirite?

Your rebellion consists of showering?

You are a wonderful child.

Everyone's favorite dinosaur seems to be a Velociraptor, amirite?

Betty White.

Pussy farts are the weirdest thing ever, am I right?

hmm smilie I actually thought the weirdest thing ever would be to your coming home and finding a well-dressed man eating cereal at your dining room table. He then stood up and greeted you with a warm handshake and the instruction to call him Captain. Captain then led you upstairs and showed you a door you'd never noticed before, conveniently located just down the hall through the bathroom. You followed Captain through the door and found yourself crawling through the ventilation system of the local supermarket. Captain then handed you five dollars and apologized for eating all your cereal, saying that you should now go and buy yourself some more while he finished up something important.
You bought the cereal and began looking around for the vent you had previously exited through, but found that it was gone. You felt a tap on your shoulder and turned to see Captain holding a guava. He took you by the hand (the one without the plastic bag containing the cereal) and repeated the cardinal directions three times. You looked around and found that you were standing on the marble inlay of a compass on floor of the lobby of your local museum. Captain expertly tossed the guava so that it hit th...

If Winnie the Pooh and his gang were a group of gangstas I think it would be safe to say that at one time or another Tigger would say something stupid and Pooh would respond with, "Tigga' Please!", amirite?

They're called tegroes. Watch your mouth

We all dial wrong numbers at some point but why dont we ever end up having a celebrity on the line? It'd be nice if you said "Hello, dad?" and got "No, this is Barrack Obama" as a reply, amirite?
@greatrande Yes. Because that is exactly what I meant...

I kind of wonder what the mindset of the people who vote on these comments is.
"I will never answer my phone the same again."
"Youll be using your feet to pick it up from now on"
"Hahaha, that's pretty good too! +18!"
"Yes. Because that is exactly what I meant..."
"WHAT THE FUCK?! What's wrong with this guy?! -4! To hell with yee!"

Everybody has that one irrational fear, amirite?
@yasminl birds.....please don't laugh at me :(

hahahahahahahaha chirp chirp hahahahahahahaha

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Jesus can walk on water. Humans are 75% water. I can walk on humans. Therefore, I am 75% Jesus, amirite?

Twinkies are 98% air

I can walk on Twinkies