You Hate It When You Ask A Teacher How To Spell Something And They Respond By Sounding It Out, amirite?

I voted it down purely because it hurt my eyes to look at...a lot like Miley Cyrus.

You know how awkward it would be to have braille shirts for blind people? "Oh, you're wearing an aeropostale today? What's this lump on your sh-- ... oh... oh, gosh. I'm sorry" amirite?

Guys I got it, Post of The Hoe

Every character on Glee has stolen the spot as your favorite character at least once, except for Rachel and Finn, amirite?

Brittany S. Pierce & Quinn Fabray... Rachel makes me want to die

You sometimes wonder how Heather Morris (Brittany) can keep such a straight face while saying some things on Glee, amirite?

Brittany S. Pierce... Britney S'pearce

You fist pump in church when your favourite hymn comes on, amirite?

Im a christian and this literally made me crack up laughing, thank you for the homework-breaking enjoyable moment:)

Snowboarders: You have developed a hatred for skiers, especially when they get in your way, amirite?

Dont deny it through- we look pretty beast going down the mountain while skiiers dont look as cool haha

Screw Hawaii, the Caribbean, or any other exotic place. I want to spend my honeymoon in Disney Land. amirite?

Disney Land sucks, Disney World is where the fun is...

You may be strong but not bite-into-a-popscile strong, amirite?
The guys who gang-raped the 16 year-old-girl in Pitt Meadows should be the new poster boys for 'pics or it didn't happen', amirite?

I dont get how rape is funny?

It's annoying how if 10 people are killed today christians just see it on the news and don't give a shit about their lives, while when 10 women decide to abort (and according to christians "kill their lives") they get mad about it and go to the streets to protest. They care more about the lives of fetuses than they care about real lives. Amirite?

I honestly don't care if we are classified as animals. You don't walk down the street and be like "Oh look an animal going to the gym!" Or if someone shows you a giraffe and a man you don't say, "I see two animals."

19 Kidz Bop and counting, amirite?
@PublicAccount And I care, why?

I don't know, you're the one who clicked 'add comment' lol.

'Fine' is possibly the most passive aggressive word there is, amirite?


Q: How many pro-lifers does it take to screw in a light bulb? A: Nine - four to block the entrance to the room, four to hold up pictures of burnt-out bulbs, and one to try and convince the person with the new bulb to let the room stay dark. amirite?

Wow that might be the most retarted thing Ive ever wasted my time reading

If you had a 10 dollar bill, and your friend had 10 ones, you would feel a whole lot less cool than the other person, amirite?

No id feel like my friend is a stripper