The joke is the French always surrender, however the French have never surrendered... amirite?

La garde meurt mais ne se rend pas
A napoleonian general

If we could see a preview of the text the other person is drafting before sending you an SMS, we would probably have less friends, amirite?

For a while maybe. But then people would eventually make it a habit to not start typing before they know for sure what they're gonna say.

'dont worry be happy' is too general to be used as an advice. amirite?

Don't worry be happy

Billionaires probably have gotten the same dollar more than once int heir life, but don't know it. amirite?

That's also quite likely for ordinary middle-class people. Bills that are paid to stores, given as change, etc. can get circulated around local communities quite a bit.

Drunk wizards are probably really dangerous to be around, amirite?

Or totally awesome, I guess it all depends happy drunk, angry drunk

Today is the first day of every persons life, amirite?
The universe spans billions of light years, yielding possibly many forms of life throughout it. The universe happened to, by random chance, create us. We could explore this universe, find life in it, and stretch the population across this universe. And then people get mad about video games. amirite?
@Themeltingsnowman72 People get mad about small things like women in video games when there's much greater things to care about

I get where you're coming from. But should we really just not care about small problems because bigger problems exist?