The Little Mermaid just wouldn't have been the same if Ariel was fat, amirite?

Well, it wouldn't have been the little mermaid, now would it?

If all of the current amirite members remained active users for the next twenty years, there would be a shift in the age demographic, and it would be cool to see how the posts, comments, and site would change to appeal to thirty and forty-year-olds, amirite?
When stripping naked on a stage, the best thing to do is imagine the whole audience giving a public speech, amirite?
@Favvkes I really don't think it's fair to vote on this post until I've tested it out. Hmm.... Could Amirite Tinychat count...

(@statefarm) this is a story all about how Favvkes shit in tiny and stripped on down. I'd like to take a minute, just sit right there, to tell you how Favvkes also put a wand up there.

Whenever you tickle a close friend or significant other, you expect it to be cute and fun. However they normally seem to react by pummeling you and giving you a look that says, "I WILL SHIT ON EVERYTHING YOU LOVE." amirite?
What do you have to gain by pretending an airplane is a shooting star? Its either a flying metal crate with people in it or a flaming ball of space crap, how the hell does that get you a wish? amirite?
When you don't curse or are in a situation where you can't, it's nearly impossible to come up with a good synonym for 'bitch'. Anything you say just ends up sounding lame and pathetic. "She's such a.....a.....a meanie.", amirite?

i was in the car with my sister and dad yesterday, and was about to call my sister a fat-ass (jokingly, of course) but then my dad would yell at me for cursing, so i ended up being like "you're such a fat-a........fat.... person... for ordering a foot-long".............

If you won the lottery, you'd donate at least half of your winnings, amirite?

Well considering the only thing I win when I play the lottery is about $5, I don't think $2.50 would make much of a difference

You know who the Hash-Slinging Slasher is, amirite?

I used to think this was the scariest thing in life.

Is it right for me to think that when a woman doesn't text me back, she's lost both her hands in a horrible accident and is trying to text me with her nipples. amirite?
Sometimes, you're so thirsty at school that when you wrap your arms around the water fountain in a loving embrace, your mouth millimeters from a watery kiss, you almost feel like you're molesting the thing, amirite?
You get so bummed when the food on your plate is almost gone that you can't even enjoy the rest of it. Just the fact that it will be all gone soon is so depressing. amirite?
It would be weird if instead of shaking hands when we greet people, we slapped them on the butt, amirite?
You still remember the day he broke your heart; the day that, after all those years of him making you feel special, saying that it was "only you", you found out that he had been going around telling all the other kids they could prevent forest fires, too, amirite?
Some words are just underused, amirite?


you don't have a job, amirite?

I check amirite like its my job ☺