It's sad that nowadays, if someone says "may I court you?" then you'd probably laugh, thinking it's a joke. What happened to chivalry, am I right?

That's not chivalry... That's speaking in older English. It's the same thing as asking, "May I date you?", which people do all the time.

Sometimes, you just randomly crave really good sex with an attractive person, amirite?

*Sometimes, you get horny, amirite?

As an older sibling I have the right to the best candy in my sibling's trick-or-treat bags, amirite?

I'd say the opposite. Trick or treating is for younger kids anyways, so they ought to get the better candy. Don't ruin the magic for them.

The old disney was MAGIC. I don't see the magic in Hannah Montana or Jonas...The Lion King taught us that we are all connected, Tarzan taught us this, too, and that no matter how different we are, we're family, and Pocahantas taught us to not judge others who are different but to teach one another, Mulan taught us about strength and honor. The old Disney should come back...for the children..... amirite?

I dunno about you, but Tarzan just taught me that if you run around in a loincloth, you'll get chicks.

It's really weird to think that everyone in your dreams is someone you've seen before, somewhere, and your subconscious is remembering them, amirite?
@brunetterox915 your mind can't just make up faces. everyone in your dreams that you think you've never seen before, you actually have.

Your mind doesn't make up faces the way that you don't make up ideas. The first person to envision a winged horse hadn't seen one, but they took elements from things they DID see to create something new, just the way your mind does with faces. You can envision a face that doesn't exist or you haven't seen, but it's comprised of the features made from other faces. If what you're saying is true, when you read Harry Potter you would only be able to imagine a real person you've met before.

You've failed so many Mathematic tests, you've lost count. Amirite?

I think it was supposed to be punny...

Anorexic people: You feel sad when those commercials of starving kids come up. You want to be that skinny, but not with all the flies and death and stuff, amirite?
@isnt mariah carey fat?

If Mariah Carey's FAT, I'm morbidly obese.

You find it hard to vote 'Yeah you are!' if the post has a seirouslie bad speling error even if you totaly agree with it. amirite?

Even intentional ones bother me. :( :( :(

If women have the right to vote and hold office, it's only just that we should also be subjected to the same obligation as all men and be forced to sign up for draft, amirite?
Guys: You're not the neatest of beasts either so quit complaining when girls don't shave their toes or trim their eyebrows, amirite?

When has a guy EVER complained about that to you? >_<

Why is China the ideal place for small children to dig to? amirite?

Because it's supposedly on the literal opposite side of the world.

You can't really say which musical instrument is 'best' because each one of them is important to the music in a different way, amirite?


Animal testing may be wrong, but letting thousands of people die from possibly curable diseases is worse. amirite?

Okay. Problem one is the fact that animal trials rarely if ever mirror human trials. Problem two is that there are faster, more accurate, AND cheaper alternatives to animal testing, such as in-vitro, but law requires all pharmaceutical companies to test on animals.

Science and religion have been criticized for many years. In all honesty, you can't a hundred percent prove which topic is true and which one is false because both sides involve faith for their beliefs to be true. amirite?

That's true in the way that you can't PROVE that 2+2=4 without assuming that our numerical system is right and true, or you can't PROVE that it's raining, even if you can see it and feel it. Hypothetically, it could NOT be raining, and the world is just having one massive schizophrenic attack all at once, or just you are--and you'd never know. But for all intensive purposes, the rain is there, and you can make good decisions (such as taking out an umbrella) based on your assumption that it is, indeed, raining.

When you were little, you thought that credit cards were unlimited money, amirite?

A lot of adults still do...