A good system for deciding when it's okay to joke about a tragic event is a day for each person that died. That way, you can joke about celebrity deaths the day after, but it gives more time to other events, like 8 years and 2 months to 9/11. That way there's mourning for all the people dead, and people get to make some pretty good jokes, amirite?

Like my dad died from Lyme disease yesterday. It really ticked me off.

There are at least 7 people in the world that look very similar to you, that's an odd thought, Amirite?

I know 2 of them because I'm a triplet

It's really creepy and kinda scary how pageant makeup can make a 5 year old look 25, amirite?

I would never guess that she's 5. She looks like a teenager, at the youngest

No matter how much people say they dont like one direction they secretly know that "What Makes You Beautiful" is a good song. amirite?

No, because it isn't

While it is true that the most attractive thing about a woman is her personality, you still need to be physically attracted to her. You don't sleep with her personality, amirite?

Why is this directed at men? Women should also be physically attracted to their partner

The real reason that women never propose is that as soon as they get down on one knee men start unzipping, amirite?
It's so annoying when you go to the pond and see all these ducks practicing their teenage girl faces, amirite?

I've never heard anyone say that, but yeah... it would be

Imagine how long it would take to decide on a company name. It's like your username, except it actually matters, amirite?
Pregnant women should not abort the child they don't want if the father still wants to keep it and be its guardian, because it is his child, too, and he has just as much right to it as the mother, amirite?

Yes, unless she has a legitimate reason not to, like health problems.

Guys: Whenever you pee and it comes out in multiple directions you call your penis a "dick" and then it looks at you and you both laugh together at how you were accidentally clever but then you realise your dick shouldn't be laughing or looking at you so you begin to yell at it until it goes limp. But then you feel bad for yelling so massage it until you're back on speaking terms. Then as you begin to recollect about what just happen you think, "Wow this hypothetical has gotten way out of hand.", amirite?
@tag How high are you?

My dad had a professor who when someone would say "Hi" to him, he would say "not currently, but I will be later"

"Tell 25 friends to come to Amirite using your personalised link and get a easy achievement" if I had 25 friends I wouldn't be on this site id be out having a good time with all 25 of my friends... amirite?
@Mike_Hawk Man, barring people I met on this site, I don't want any of my friends here. THIS IS MY PLACE FUCK MY FRIENDS.

I think the site's actually better with less people, there's no annoying mliaers, and we can have inside jokes on here, which we couldn't if there was too many people.

It's interesting to think about what life would be like if you were born an entirely different race. You could be treated differently or have entirely different friends. You would be susceptible to different diseases and your parents would probably end up divorced because you're an entirely different race than them and your mom now looks like a dirty cheater. It's interesting to think about, amirite?
It's strange to think that we may have witnessed someone's most embarrassing moment and don't even remember, and yet we still think so much about our own, amirite?
The point of Amirite isn't to post things and see how many upvotes they get. It's to post things that YOU personally believe are true and see how many people have the same opinion. That's why it says it on the homepage. We should all post stuff that are our own personal opinions, and not regret a post just because it gets more downvotes than upvotes. amirite?

Except when you make a post and it gets a ton of downvotes and then you think "why did I make this? I don't even agree with it. What was I thinking?"