There is a song that has changed your perspective on something or makes you emotional every time you hear it, amirite?

"Call Me Maybe" is mine. Just hits me with a brick wall of emotion. It's really...oh...yeah, I'm tearing up a bit. It's just so monumental, you know? Oh god, really crying now. I mean, she just met him, right, and it's probably crazy, and then she gives him her number, and he may or may not call her. Pretty strong stuff.

In elementary school, in case of fire you have to line up quietly in a single file line from smallest to tallest. Why? Do tall people burn slower? amirite?
@Lettuce The line order is pre-determaned (smallest to tallest), and practiced (fire drills), so kids will know their place...

I can just imagine you..."The chicken walks across the road because the need to cross the road is substantially higher than the risk of walking across said road. Assuming we're talking about a rational chicken, which would be safe to assume, there doesn't seem to be any obstacle in the way of the chicken. Now, the obstacles are another point. Given potential cars and other modes of harmful transportation to the chicken, think about the era the joke is being said people, the chicken would have had a moral dilemma around the precise moment to cross the road. Of course we can chalk it up to pure curiosity, but who really acts solely on these grounds?

No, the chicken did not just want to "get to the other side," dumbass.

You already have an idea about what you want to name your future kids, amirite?

Florb...for a boy or girl.

We as a race have almost completely eliminated Social Darwinism. Laws requiring people to wear seat belts, laws against drugs and laws requiring motorcyclists to wear helmets were all put in place to keep people safe. However these laws should be abolished because anyone dumb enough to do heroine after all the lessons preaching against it deserves the death they receive. amirite?

Social Darwinism is something different than what you're talking about.

Naming your kid "Google," "Sex Fruit," "Anus," or "Renesmee" is child abuse, amirite?

"Hello, this is my son, Anus Sex Fruit. I'm his father, Google Sex Fruit. Nice to meet you."

Sometimes, after a long session of amazing sex, you wish you were actually there having it instead of watching from your computer. amirite?

Sometimes, after a long session of amazing sex, I turn off my laptop because the people in Starbucks are looking at me weirdly.

I don't see why people make such a big deal about starving kids in Africa. I mean there are starving kids on 6 out of the 7 continents, amirite?

Damn Antarctica, hogging all the wealth.

You were born too late to explore new lands. You were born too early to explore space. You were born on time to explore the internet, amirite?

We're not too late to explore Skyrim.

Any Atheist claiming to be truly Atheist and not Agnostic is just as closed minded as a religious person claiming they KNOW God exist. No you don't. Not a single one of you can honestly say that you KNOW a god does or does not exist. Personally I believe in god as much as I do in Santa. But I have no way of proving that he either does not exist and because of this I am forced to admit to myself that pure Atheism is inconceivable, amirite?

Basically there are four categories of belief. There are gnostic atheists, who claim they know there is no god. There are agnostic atheists, who claim to not believe in god, but are not sure of his existence. There are gnostic theists, who claim to know there is a god. And then there are agnostic theists, who claim to believe in god, but are not sure of his existence. What you're talking about are gnostic atheists. I agree that gnostic atheists can't be right, because how is it possible to prove that something doesn't exist? However, most atheists are agnostic atheists. In that sense, you can be both an agnostic and an atheist. And I think you're misguided in your definition of the term "atheist". A true atheist only believes there is no god. For example, I am both an atheist and an agnostic, and I can be. It simply means I don't believe in god, but I'm not claiming to know that god doesn't exist. It's just highly unlikely in my mind. This is an excellent explanation:

If you split an iPod in half you get an iPod Nano and an iPod Shuffle, amirite?

That just wrinkled my brain.

It sucks when someone says, "Bear with me" but they don't and you're stuck there growling by yourself, amirite?
You get a sense of achievement when you guess the next few words on the next page of a book, amirite?

I totally guessed that this was going to end in "amirite?"

Canada and Australia are cool, amirite?
The people in horror movies are so stupid. If the killer askes you for last words the words to come out of your mouth should never be "fuck" and "you", it should be someting that makes the killer NOT want to kill you. Ex. "I give good head" or "I am your daughter", amirite?

And definitely not "Your daughter gives good head."

Quotations in odd places make sentences sound COMPLETELY different. Example:I talked to your cousin today and he said we should hang out. I "talked" to your "cousin" today and "he" said that we should "hang out". Amirite?

First Response: "Cool, when are you hanging out?" Second Response: "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING TO MY COUSIN?!?"