You want to know what it feels like to be on drugs, but your too scaired to take them, amirite?

What kind of drugs are we talking here heroin or weed?Big difference.

You didnt know what sex was until this year, and its pretty gross, amirite?
@Chanman601 My penis is amazing

Mine too!We should totally be BFF

I would love to see an avid Call of Duty player fight a real war. I don't think their precious kill/death ratio will be quite so important anymore. amirite?

You could basically say that about every game out there what's your point?

What the fuck are we gonna do when there is no more water left!? amirite?


Saying "I drink beer because I like the taste" is a bit like saying "I watch porn because I like the story", amirite?
Typical atheist family: ''Hey dad, I'm back from fucking a hooker, where's mom?'', ''She's out getting an abortion'', ''OK, I'll just go to my room'', ''Hold on son, there are 2 gay men having sex in there, wait until they're done'', ''OK'', amirite?
@Nightman Correct. Atheism is a singular belief, not a belief system. Therefore, atheists will believe in and do a wide range...

Atheists still mock only the things extremists do like the 'God hates gays'.

It's annoying how widely accepted the mocking of christians is on the internet but if someone makes a joke like OP's post suddenly you get comments full of hate towards him.

Many of us could end up in jail if we said the things in some of our posts in a public place, amirite?
Hitler didn't finish off the jews when he had the chance, amirite?

Saying No way is like saying: 'No way he did finish the Jews when he had the chance!' which makes no sense.

It annoys you how much crap is talked on Justin Bieber and those same people who say bands like Led Zeppelin and The Beatles are sooo much better. Justin could very well hold the potential to become a great singer and song writer like them, amirite?
You wonder whether amirite has been Rule 34'd yet, amirite?
Whats the point of a conductor for orchestra? Sure when they start so they start together, but then what? amirite?

Seriously you don't have to be a genius to realize they're very important.

Women should always go topless on beaches, amirite?

But going to the beach with grandma wouldn't be so much fun now would it

i don't get why Conservatives get such a hard-on with banning the Islamic Center near ground zero. The Muslims take down a building, you get mad. They put up one, you get mad. Make up your mind. Amirite?
@Pug The big bang is also a theory. Just saying.. If you believe in that, that also takes faith. Becoming a...

'To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.'
Thomas Paine

i would hate to be a fish "yea yea thanks for throwing me back in the water but YOU LEFT A FREAKING HOLE ON THE ROOF OF MY MOUTH YOU A-HOLE", amirite?

Know what?Im not even gonna feel bad for this:

That's what she said.