You have never seen a dead body. amirite?
@Those disagree-ing, You have seen dead body?

At funerals, in car wrecks, that sort of thing.

You always thought that the reason "the chicken wanted to cross the road" was to get to the other side of the road, but your mind was blown when you realized it means to get to the "other side" as in to die, amirite?

Hmm. Perhaps that's your personal interpretation but I doubt that's what the intention was.

Didn't help myself in court yesterday. I was arrested for child porn charges and the Judge said, "How does 5-6 years sound?" I said, "Sexy", amirite?

At first I was skeptical that a post about child porn charges could be funny, but then I laughed.

When you first found out about sex, you didn't think it was that sexy, amirite?

I still didn't know what "sexy" meant.

You know Kristen Stewart is actually a talented actress if you've seen some of her other movies (The Runaways, The Cake Eaters, Adventureland) and don't judge her based on Twilight. amirite?

I've seen a few...and I still don't think shes that great. Not terrible....but definitely not great.

10 year old: Knee length costume. 14 year old: thigh length costume. 21 year old: A bra and a skirt bottom. 60 year old: A shirt with a pumpkin on it. amirite?

You forgot the 35 uear old: cat ears and black clothes.

Before you die, you wish you could see a big movie montage of all of your life's greatest and worst moments (the worst to reminded you why the greatest were so good) amirite?

That depends on who is in charge of picking out the soundtrack

To err is human. To not know what to err means is American, amirite?

Yeah because Americans are the only people in the world who don't know what it means.

On sites, such as facebook, people often say "text me" on other peoples walls or in comments. That doesn't make sense, it's not that hard to just text the person yourself, amirite?

Yeah really, I hate that. Or someone will text me "call me". Its like, dude you have your phone in your hand, just call ME!

Sometimes the best friends are those friends that you don't have to talk to every day but you're still friends even if you go weeks without talking, amirite?

God I hate having to talk to someone everyday.

Guys: Proof that being kicked in the balls is more painful than childbirth. Several months after being kicked in the balls, a male does not say "I think i want another kick in the balls", amirite?

Nothing good comes from a kick in the balls. But seriously what is with women constantly wanting more kids? Especially now that all this new feministic "speak the truth" stuff started and women complain about their kids almost constantly.

It seems like every character from That '70's Show has furthered their acting career except for Hyde, amirite?

I can't think of anygthing that Donna's been in. But that may be just me. Also I saw a commercial for a new show that Hyde is in coming out soon I think

The majority of Monopoly games end with someone getting pissed,flipping the board and calling the other player(s) names. It's just a game that will never end well,amirite?

You're a dirty whore, grandma!

You've never been bullied into giving your lunch money away, or seen it happen, amirite?

Usually nowadays kids don't even have lunch money it gets handled by lunch accounts. At least from what I've seen.

There is no reason for the words "In God We Trust" to be printed on U.S. currency, amirite?

as a non religious person it does not bother me, however I agree that it doesn't seem necessary and that it may offend some people. Hypothetically, if it were put up to vote, I would vote that it be taken off.