We associate red with hot and blue with cold when it is, in fac,t the complete opposite, amirite?

What cold elements are red?

As an individual, not having kids is probably the most impactful way of contributing to reducing pollution on Earth. amirite?

Or raise children who work to invent and perfect earth-friendly products and technologies. Remember that we will all be dead and it will be their mess to fix and/or deal with going forward.

The lobsters in the kitchen aboard the titanic didn't realize how lucky they really were when it sank. amirite?
How to not be Homeless, amirite?

When they get released they now are homeless again with a record. That doesnt make things better.

If we had an undeniable proof that life has no meaning people wouldn't probably change anything in their life. amirite?

I already feel this way

A Red apple actually exists as Cyan. amirite?

Then technically, the "cyan" color is called "red" and the other colors are called based upon what they are not what they reflect

All colours are Christmas colours if you're colourblind, amirite?

That isn't how colorblindness works you dumbass cabbage

Most people will never get to find out what their ears smell like, amirite?
Everyone cheats but women get caught less often, amirite?

Unless you have actual self control anyway

Thanks to EA you can spoil movies and say it's a "Suprise Review", amirite?

Just integrate surprise mechanics into your existing movie reviews. No need to call it anything different.

When you have a fever you need to warm up to cool down, amirite?
Guns are used as a decoy to avoid talking about mental health, because they know that conversation will take down the trans movement which is a mental disorder, amirite?

You had me until the comma

It's a damn good thing spider webs aren't sharp, amirite?
@Alixkast Imagine the bard who slings his lute with those spider silk .. and plays his way out but cuts his fingers beyond...

"I never cut myself, for only I have the skills necessary to play such an instrument."

Wether he's telling the truth is up to DM's discretion.

In the future when artificial uterus are possible, we will be able to watch the entire human growth cycle from beginning to birth, amirite?

Well that's more than a little nauseating.

Genetic engineering could someday create angels (humans x birds) amirite?
@Tanmoykayesen Have you read them?

Most of them. They're pretty good.