We should be able to text during school and not get in trouble, amirite?
@Tallglassofwater I'm pretty sure the point of school is to pay attention to the teacher and learn, not text Becky about that one...

But Becky just texted me and said she kissed Johnny. That's a problem; I like Johnny. I mean..OMG, Becky's not even hot!

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My friend hung himself in a modern art gallery. It was three weeks before anyone noticed, amirite?

I posted this on facebook and one girl said she was sorry to hear about that. I almost died on the inside.

One third of americans believe Obama is a muslim. its really sad how stupid americans can be. i mean seriously, two thirds of americans are that blind? its just a fact that hes a muslim, amirite?

who cares if he is musim? its a religion. and muslims live like cavemen? Saudi Arabia is one of the richest countries in the world. troll.

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Julian Assange should have posted something helpful on wikileaks, like Santa's Naughty or Nice list. amirite?
@Totobean Hate to break it to you, but Santa ain't real.

someones not getting any presents, unless you consider a lump of coal a present.....