About me.

First off, I've been on amirite? for a long time. I made this account because I made a bunch of dumb posts a while back on a different account and looking at them bothered me...

So.. I don't really want to write a full bio so I'll just list some facts.

• I don't really like making posts. Probably because I'll end up disagreeing with them later... Or I'm just not as clever as many people on this site...

• Capchas annoy me

• I like using ellipsis...

• My favorite user is FlyingGuineaPig who probably will never read this... (but if you do.. Hi!!)

• I never really get on amirite? via computer. I mainly just use my phone

• My favorite food is jellybeans (especially the starburst ones)

• I have a pet dog that thinks he can climb trees because squirrels can.

•My favorite color is orange. But I dislike all things orange-flavored

• I like listing pieces of irrelevant information

I'll probably add more when I feel like it.....

Emoticons for personal reference reference:

angry smilie = angry
cool smilie = cool
creeper smilie = creeper
(cry2) = cry2
d smilie = d
dhat smilie = dhat
diamond smilie = diamond
frown smilie = frown
goo smilie = goo
h smilie = h
hehe smilie = hehe
hello smilie = hello
hmm smilie = hmm
l smilie = l
lhat smilie = lhat
lolwut smilie = lolwut
love smilie = heart
n smilie = n
no smilie = no
ono smilie = ono
puke smilie = puke
smile smilie = smile
smirk smilie = smirk
troll smilie = troll
un smilie = un
wary smilie = wary
y smilie = y
yum smilie = yum